Jenna Katz

Noles can hang out at Wawa after school!

Laura Guske, reporter

Ever find your stomach rumbling after you leave school? Go grab yourself a bite to eat! There are plenty of great places to eat around Seminole High School (SHS). 


SHS Health Academy Junior, Maria Lozada, recommends Parva Colombian Bakery and Cafe. When Lozada goes to Parva, she orders a passion fruit smoothie and 2 buñelos, costing her only $6. Lozada describes the smoothie as “sweet [and] tropical” and the buñelos as fresh bread with a “sweet touch”. Parva has even more to offer like rice bowls, sandwiches, salads, and even burgers. There is something for everyone. This cafe focuses heavily on Colombian culture, providing the full Colombian cultural experience through ethnic food and atmosphere. Parava is conveniently located seven minutes away by drive from SHS, and in the same plaza as the famous Sanford Esporta. 


IB Junior Samara Metcalf recommends Taco Bell. Taco Bell is a great place to get quality cheap food, keeping your wallet and stomach happy. Metcalfe’s typical order at Taco Bell is the cheese quesadilla and Baja Blast drink. 

“The cheese quesadilla is steamy and delicious and the Baja Blast drink is very refreshing.” recounts Metcalf. 

“My favorite aspect about Taco Bell is how cheap their food is. Their service is pleasant too.” she continues.

Taco Bell is located conveniently behind SHS, along the nearest boulevard.


SHS Health Academy sophomore, Vivian Swain, recommends Wawa as a great place to get snacks after school. Everyone knows Wawa is a popular gas station with many services, but it is also a great place to eat and hang out. Wawa’s Cafe offers a variety of customizable sandwiches, salads, hoagies, and even pasta dishes for you to enjoy. Their drinks are amazing as well. 

“I usually order the strawberry smoothie, but I enjoy that there are a lot of options in the cafe. I like going there with multiple people there as well because Wawa has outdoor seating.” Swain states. 


SHS Health Academy Junior, Esther Liptai recommends Cocina Maya Mexican Grill as a wonderful dining experience. This is an ethnic, sit down restaurant with consistent “friendly service. When Liptai visits Cocina Maya, she typically orders the Enchiladas Mole. 

“I usually order the Enchilada Mole. It is my absolute favorite dish on the menu. The homemade mole salsa is what makes them so good.” Liptai discusses.  

Cocina Maya is a great choice for a fresh meal with friends for dinner, or a bite after school. It is only a 10 minute drive from Seminole High School, perfectly convenient for all Noles. 


SHS is located near many delicious places to eat. Some of which are very affordable, which is especially important in these expensive times. So next time you feel hungry after school, want a little bite, or are even just feeling the munchies, there is no need to go far! Check out one of these Nole recommended restaurants.