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Laura Guske

Seminole High School’s (SHS) Swim Team made quite the splash on Tuesday Oct. 4th with a win against Boone and Crooms for their Senior Night meet. 


The swim meet started at 3pm with a senior ceremony in which the entire swim team lined up in two rows to cheer on the senior swimmers as they walked through the pathway made by their teammates, with their parents. 


“It’s almost surreal. I’ve seen all the seniors before me graduating, but experiencing it myself is a completely different feeling, knowing that this is the last time I’ll be here,” says SHS senior swimmer Mercedes Newland


SHS’s swim team practices year around for 2 and a half hours every weekday. This makes the sport one of the most time consuming and rigorous there is. When seniors have a moment to look back on all their years of hard work, it really is a moment like no other. 


“At first I was really excited that it was my last year of high school swimming because I’m definitely looking forward to starting college,” says SHS senior swimmer Morganne Young. “But during senior night, it hit me that this was my last year swimming with some of my closest friends. I’m really cherishing this last month of high school season; I’m going to miss everyone so much!


Through all the hard work and time spent together, close bonds and friendships are built between swimmers. This makes the last year of swimming all the more emotional and momentous for these senior athletes.


After the Senior Night ceremony, the races began with the girls and boys 200 yard medley relay. 


“I did the 200 medley, the 50 free, 200 free, and the 100 breaststroke,” says SHS sophomore swimmer Lindsey Annunziato. “I gained a little bit (in the 100 breaststroke) but I still did good, I got first in my heat.”


With the conference meet only a week away (Oct. 11th) the pressure is on to cut time. But swimmers know that gaining a few seconds on a swim in a regular meet can easily be overcome. 


“I’m looking forward to trying to break the 100 breaststroke record, and right now I’m only two seconds away from that,” says Annunziato 


In a 100 yard breaststroke two seconds is a long time, but noting that can’t be cut within a swim season. 


“I swam the 50 free and the 100 freestyle. I thought this meet was really fun and I love competing with other swimmers,” says SHS junior swimmer Fiona Pando


As much pressure as there is for swimmers to perform well in their races, they have fun doing so. The meets are an opportunity for swimmers to bond closer with each other and unite as a team.


“I swam the 200 free, 100 free, and 2 relays. I thought this meet was a fun, and good experience to race other swimmers from other competitive teams,” says junior swimmer Caroline Brown.


Swimmers enjoy testing their progress in their events at swim meets while also being able to spend time with their friends and cheer each other on. 


This week’s swim meet was a great opportunity for them to do just that with a special appreciation for their senior teammates.

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