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As our time at SHS comes to a close, the Seniors of The Seminole wanted to reflect back on memories we have made and advice we hope to impart on future Noles. From pep-rallies to football games, late-night study sessions to early morning bus rides, we’ve been through it all. While on campus, we have been State Football Champions, survived three hurricanes, walked out in support of school shooting victims, received an airplane and brand new auto body building, introduced our Ninth Grade Center, and seen the torch passed from beloved Dr. Collins to the awesome Dr. Rodriguez. Before we go, we would like to give you our last few words of wisdom, so here they are. And as always, Go Noles! 

Serra Sowers, Editor in Chief


“Live in the present. Go to football games, dances, dress up for all the hoco days no matter how dumb you may think it is, and make good memories while you’re at it. After these four years end, you may not see many of your friends ever again so cherish every moment you have with the people that have always been there for you. Also, remember that everything happens for a reason. No matter where you end up after high school, make the best of it. You can be successful anywhere and in anything, and ultimately it is the effort that you put in that matters.” –Yashaswini Meduri, Editor


“Listen, I’m going to be frank with you, high school sucks. Here’s my advice. First off, if you think you can use Wikipedia to forge your way through your assignments, you’re wrong. Use Quizlet instead. Secondly, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to spend time with your friends. Lastly, try to find pockets of joy in your everyday life. Life is going to build up and up until you feel like your drowning. So pay attention to the pockets of joy. Also, never use Renegade water fountains. You’ll regret it.

P.S. Don’t start your essays with onomatopoeia. What’s wrong with you?”

Michelle Arshad, Head of Podcasts


“My biggest takeaways: Pay attention to deadlines, they come way sooner than you think. No one cares what you wore that day. Try to sleep more because it helps you perform better in school; do not rely on coffee every single day, it will break your face out.”

Ritika Vonguru, Reporter 


“Sometimes later becomes never, so push yourself and take chances because no one else is going to do it for you. It’s OK if you failed that test or forgot your homework assignment at home, there is no point in dwelling on things you cannot change, just learn from your mistakes. In the wise words of my dear friend Tanya Charan – “If it’s not the due date, it’s not the do date.” 

Anusha Sikand, Reporter 


“Before you know it, you will be walking down that stage at UCF and all the memories will just come flooding in, feelings will be felt. No matter the grades you get so just “go to class and pass the class,” as Dr. Backel said. Lastly, Never forget your worth. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone except those who actually deserve your respect and you deserve theirs. Live, laugh, love, and succeed.”

Usman Khan, Reporter


“It seems like you have so much time, but it all flies by so fast. Don’t be afraid to take that leap, and keep the ones you love close. The pressure of competing with your classmates and simply being a high schooler will seem unbearable, but I promise it gets better. The most important thing to remember is not to get caught up on everything. Sometimes you get a bad grade, it happens. The best thing to do is to learn from your mistakes and try better the next time.”

Suhaib Hasan, Business Manager 


“There are so many things that are not worth worrying, fighting, or crying about. Don’t waste your efforts and most especially your time on superficial or minuscule things. Always know your worth and appreciate your friends around you. They are the ones who will get you through the all-nighters, or if you’re in IB, you’re cramming to finish your EE or studying for Scofield’s essay test. In all honesty, school is hell, but always enjoy the simple things and make the most out of any crappy situation.” 

Jessica Ty, Photography Manager


“No matter how hard things get, and how overwhelmed you are, your mental health is always a priority. You need to find a balance between taking a small break and easing yourself and getting to work. Life can be extremely difficult but it’s the sad truth that time waits for no one, and you can’t find yourself stagnant and in a slump, that’ll only cause more problems. My other piece of advice is to realize that the sooner you focus on yourself rather than others’ opinions, the better. Realistically speaking, you won’t see more than half of your friends and the people in school after five years, so their opinions shouldn’t matter and shape you. Don’t let anyone bring you down and set your goals early, no one has the right to take those away from you. Listen to these two pieces of advice early and you’re bound for success.”      

Omar Syed, Editor