Romina Ariannejad, Reporter

Krisha Patel

Senior week has arrived at Seminole High School (SHS)! Senior week is a spirit week for seniors only with specific dress up days from the dates April 17 to the 21st. The purpose of this spirit week is for the seniors of SHS to have fun and enjoy themselves while dressing up, as this is their last year. For so many of the seniors this week has been long awaited. This is because of the nostalgic vibe and uniqueness it provides. It is for seniors only which makes it all the more special.


The first day is Kindergarten Day on Monday. Seniors are encouraged to dress up in any way that resembles themselves in kindergarten or what a kindergartener would wear. As silly as this day may seem it is also sad. Upperclassmen are bound to get feelings of nostalgia. They are all ready to graduate and move into a life changing part of their life. They are preparing for the adult lifestyle so reliving their childhood for even a day may sprout memories. Memories both good and bad, either way it is understandable for some seniors to feel a bit sorrowful. After all, it is hard for their daily routine to completely change.  


The next day is College Decision Day. On this day it is said for seniors to wear the merch of the school they are soon to be attending. Any kind of merchandise is encouraged, as long as it is from the school they are attending. With this day it allows for the students to get a sense of who may be attending what school and to get the full experience of celebrating everyone’s acceptances into different schools. They are able to learn about the diverse school students may be attending and in reality just enjoy themselves. The purpose is to relish in the moment and be proud of the school they will be headed to next in their lives. 


After that is Walking Yearbook Day. Seniors are expected to come to school in a white shirt and to bring a pen to have their friends sign the shirt. The purpose of this day is to have students enjoy themselves with all the signatures they receive from the people they know exactly like an actual yearbook signing. It is the perfect way for them to create memories and have a going away gift from other classmates. This is definitely a memorable moment for a lot of the upperclassmen. 


The day after is Senior Citizen Day. This is where students are encouraged to dress up in their best senior citizen attire. Typical props included are canes, walkers, glasses, and wigs. Then finally on Friday it is Prom Prep Day. On this day students can come to school in pajama pants and senior crowns. They are able to decorate the crown in the leadership room. 


An anonymous senior stated “I would have to say my favorite day throughout this week is senior citizen day! I just think that it is so much to dress up as an elderly citizen. Putting on this gray haired wig made me so happy this morning. I love how goofy we can dress for this day. It is all so entertaining for me. This week has been so great because of all the dressing up, I definitely do not regret participating.” 


Another senior Tquania Freeman stated “Personally for me this dress up week is not my vibe. It is cute though that everyone is able to go all out in their outfits. Even though I myself do not want to participate, it does not mean I hate the idea of it. The spirit week for seniors only is definitely unique and has its own charisma to it which is why I find it amusing. Letting the seniors let loose and be childish again is what we need.” 


This senior spirit week has been an experience for many students. As the seniors get ready to say goodbye to SHS, this week allows them to be kids and have fun before they take this huge step in their lives.