Ritika Vonguru, Reporter

November 2019–As college application deadline dates are approaching, many high school seniors have begun to feel unmotivated towards school. This lack of motivation, dubbed senioritis, is commonly referred to as the feeling most seniors experience as they finish up their high school experience . 

Unenthusiasim, feelings of laziness, and slothfulness often define a typical student approaching graduation or sometimes, the last few months of high school. Although senioritis is so prevalent, it still has a negative connotation. Despite having assignments due, tests to prepare for, and papers to write, seniors often act sluggish and focus on other, sometimes less important, activities. 

“Senioritis is real and so many people get it. I think anytime people approach the end of something, people just get lazy,” said senior Angelis Rodriguez.

Many also want to enjoy their last few moments of high school. Enduring over three years of strict and intense pressure can cause emotional damage that many students of this generation often face. Now that their graduation date is approaching, seniors believe they can unwind and take school in a less pressure-filled and exhausting way. Seniors note that they can now take this time to participate in more exhilarating activities they otherwise were too busy to do before.

Too Many Days Off?

Although it is common to see the phrase “credit denial is a myth,” this is most certainly not true. As Principal Rodriguez took his position this year, he called for stricter regulations on unexcused absences and tardies. In fact, three unexcused absences or too many tardies can land a student in detention. Ten unexcused absences can result in a loss of senior lunch privilege, a revocation of a student’s parking spot, and even a stripped invitation to prom. All of these new decentives may allow students to re-evaluate the importance of skipping class and be more prompt. Rodriguez strictly enforces his attendance policy because he wants Seminole High School students to receive a valued education, despite the fact that the year may be wrapping up. 

The International Baccularatue’s Point of View:

Getting the case of “senioritis” as an IB student may be even riskier. It is no surprise that the program is intensive and draining however, slacking off senior year can pose serious problems. For instance, IB students must meet requirements for CAS (Creativity Activity Service), pass an EE (a year-long 4000 word research paper), and IA’s (Internal Assessments for each subject). On top of all this IB students have to take rigorous courses and pass a difficult IB exam at the end of the year for each course in order to receive their diploma. For most IB students, “senioritis” is not even an option. 

“As the year goes on, it can feel overwhelming and some of us tend to slack off, but I think we use each other as motivation to finish off the year strong,” said senior IB student Tanya Charan.

Finishing Touches of Senior Year

Moreover, some students also enjoy learning and want to continue absorbing as much knowledge as possible before embarking on their next chapter. For some, senior year can be the last year to learn as much information as they can.

“I enjoy school and do not really think I have senioritis because I want to learn whatever I can before I leave,” said senior Laurent Sanchez

Several seniors also argue that they use their time to work jobs now and deal with other financial matters because as college is approaching, so is student debt. Some students try and clock as many hours as they can for their jobs to pay for whatever they can. This, in turn, often causes more exhaustion as students are working long hours and still trying to balance school work.

“I used to work at Panera for hours on end to pay for as many things as I could. This was super draining and really took a toll on me for school, said senior Yaniskha Bello.

Regardless of issues, education is important. Skipping class or haphazardly making your way through senior year is not acceptable for Principal Rodriguez’s new implementations on creating a better academic environment. As seniors will soon head to college, work, or their next phase in life, it is important to carry on a proper work ethic. After all school is preparatory simulation  for our future.