It is a bittersweet time for many seniors as they attend their last semester in high school. Seminole High Schools seniors share their thoughts.

Rachel Lanspery

It is a bittersweet time for many seniors as they attend their last semester in high school. Seminole High School’s seniors share their thoughts.

Isabel Gomez, Reporter

As we enter our last semester of the 2021-2022 school year, the time to say good-bye to our dear seniors has come. Graduation is nearing, and many SHS seniors have already chosen their future college, or decided their future plans. 

SHS Health Academy senior Juliana Ultate shares her opinion on moving into the future. Ultate speaks about how growing up is a scary thought, a thought many of us highschoolers can relate to. She also expresses the sentimental feelings that are associated with High School: “Overall it’s crazy that 4 years have gone by and that my childhood and teenage years are coming to an end. Even though everyone says college is better, I’m still frankly terrified for what the future beholds in terms of paying for bills etc.” 

Ultate speaks about how the friends and connections she’s made has helped her through one of the craziest times of her life: “I love the people I’ve been surrounded with these past 4 years and have made so many memories that I will never forget. Time is something to not play with nor waste because life is truly too short to be sad or angry at someone. Seminole High, behind all the chaos that has happened, has its own story. I’m definitely going to miss playing SHS soccer, the school, and the people.” 

 As this year comes to end, our seniors feel both excited but fearful of the future that has yet to come. As we see them preparing themselves for the real world, we get to see and feel excited for them to enter a new part of their lives!   

SHS senior Rochelle Genovey speaks about how adulthood may seem scary and a fearful experience, but in reality it’s another chapter of our lives that will be filled with so many new opportunities.  Genovey says, “School is quickly coming to an end, it feels like the years have flown by so quickly. Adulthood is coming in just a few months, and the realization of this is a scary but beautiful thing. As we reach the end, I know it’s just leading to more doors opening with fresh experiences and new beginnings.” 

Seniors tend to focus on the scary part of growing up, but we forget that as we grow we learn more and we experience so much more than before. As one door closes another will open! Genovey speaks about how COVID itself has truly sent their final years in high school into a frenzy of sorts: “School has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and a drastic twist when COVID hits, sending everything into a spiral. Everyone fought to get past those trifling times, and we got put back onto track. I just hope for the best and that graduation comes quickly!” 

COVID is an event that no one could have ever predicted. It cut many students’ high school experience in half! It took away precious moments we were meant to savor. In today’s world, we are learning to never take our time for granted. Our seniors especially are learning and living by this concept. As we come to the end of this school year our seniors are preparing themselves for all of the world: the good, the bad and the ugly. We should support our seniors and congratulate them on their long journey! They have reached a pivotal point in their lives! We wish our Seniors all the best in all their endeavors!