Renee Sang

There are many requirements Seniors need to fulfill to walk at Graduation.

Mallika Dave, Reporter

Graduation is approaching fast, and there are several requirements that seniors need to fulfill in order to receive their diplomas. Graduation will be taking place on May 26, 2016, at UCF in the CFE Arena at 2:30 p.m. Graduating seniors are to report at 1:15 p.m. and doors will open to the public at 1:45 p.m.

Prior to this, a graduation meeting will take place May 24 at 8:30 a.m. in the KWC, which is mandatory. 

Senior Maria Inostroza comments, ” I feel as though we should have ran through it a few times. Although it will seem very rehearsed and routine, for us its will be a game of follow the leader.”

If a student wishes to get their (his or her) graduation images, which include individual pictures, as well as shots of the ceremony. They must have filled out a photo card at the senior meeting on May 24th in order to enter the arena on the 26th .

Students are also required to participate in clearance day, a state mandated task, by May 1st in order to receive their clearance card on May 23. To obtain the card students must: clear all debts, complete the senior survey, fulfill all disciplinary requirements,  complete required coursework, and return all textbooks.

Senior Nazir Crump says, “From and educational standpoint it’s logical to not allow a student to graduate if they have an ‘F.’ When it comes to senior debts, I understand that it is the responsibility of the student to not owe anything to the school; but to defer walking with their class and gaining the gratification of working four hard years over a fee is not fair to students, especially if that student cannot financially cover that fee which was acquired because of a mistake made freshman year, and the student was only notified six weeks before graduation.”

At graduation, boys are advised to wear long dark pants, dark socks, dark dress shoes, and a black or white dress shirt with a collar. Girls are required to wear a shirt or blouse with a skirt, a dress or slacks. Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, flip-flops, phones in pocket and keys will not be permitted.

Students in need of a transcript in order to finalize their college acceptance must request one. The first two requests are free; however, each additional costs $1. Colleges in Florida can have them sent digitally from the school, but it is recommended that the student requests a hard copy for records. In order to receive this form, see the guidance office.

Senior Jose Ortiz says, “I feel that its a one in a lifetime thing to graduate and to feel the accomplishment that comes with it.