Come watch your short films here! Love Your Shorts film festival presents independent artists’ creative videos, which is shown in Downtown Sanford’s own little theater. Audiences come here to watch short clips and in the end decide whose film is best!
Photo By: Erin King, Photographer

By: Camila Mota, Copy Editor

On February 13, 2015, Downtown Sanford will once again host the opening night of the Love Your Shorts Film Festival. The annual film festival, which celebrates a broad range of artistic talent from young filmmakers, plans to further promote the art of short films this year.

The opening night of the Love Your Shorts Film Festival includes about 10 to 15 original short films, both live and animated. Short films included in the opening night’s program can be voiced or silent, in color or black and white, one minute long or 10 minutes long; the creativity behind the festival is evident amongst all the films.

Sophomore Julian Ibagon says, “Original film festivals greatly encourage me to pursue a career and personal enrichment in film. These films festivals inspire me by making original works available to the public. Film embodies a compilation of human creativity and film festivals inspire me to be a part of that.”

The 2014 Love Your Shorts Film Festival included works such as Sunday Sundaes, a memoir of a little boy who coped with his parents’ divorce through desserts, and Blue, the story of a homeless man and the bond he shares with his dog. Last year’s winner was Spy v. Guy, the story of a clumsy spy who tirelessly chases a man with valuable government property.

Throughout the duration of the film festival, the sense of community is apparent. Sponsors of the festival include the Orlando Sanford International Airport, Wayne Densch Inc., and the Sanford Art Walk.

TV production teacher Mr. Mike Smith says, “I think [film festivals] can bring together film makers. There’s always examples that help inspire other students to make films like the ones they see.”

The Love Your Shorts Film Festival lasts four days, and during these days the public has the opportunity to take part in workshops that are both educational and entertaining. The workshops provide insight into specific genres and styles of short films for aspiring film makers to take home with them and apply to their own works.

TV production student, junior Taylor Smith, says, “The different views on the videos gives film students a different perspective in which they’ll be able to think about when shooting and editing their next video. The inside tactics to filming could influence more to join the field.”

Tickets for the festival and a schedule of the workshops and film showings are available on the Sanford Love Your Shorts Film Festival official website.