Katherine Lachcik

Books are still being accepted for the book drive. Help the Book Drive reach their goal of 5,000 books!
Photo By: Isabella Rivera, Photographer

By: Katherine Lachcik, Reporter 

The 5th annual Book Drive at Seminole High is continuing until March 23, and it will conclude with a book giveaway in the school cafeteria on March 28. Books of any kind can be dropped off books in the Renegade office, the Media Center, or the Main office.

Ever since the book drive began, it has consistently been an inviting event for the community. People are brought closer together by the pleasure of reading, allowing students and faculty to reach out to others.

Sophomore Anna Jurlina says, “I donate books all the time— [the Book Drive] allows people who couldn’t normally afford books a chance to read.”

The National Center for Education Statistics states that 11% of the population in Seminole County lacks basic reading skills, and according to Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford, greater literacy rates can lead to several positive outcomes, including an increase in high school graduation rates. The SHS book drive helps not only the citizens of Sanford, but also the students of Seminole by giving everyone a chance to read for pleasure and academic benefit.

“Reading from a young age helps grades and graduation rates, and the Book Drive really builds a sense of community and gets people excited,” says sponsor Mrs. Aliya Lyons. “It gives the opportunity for families to spend some time together, and it’s important in so many ways.”

Last year, over 6,000 books were donated. This year, the goal for the Book Drive is to collect 5,000 books. Over the years, the book giveaway has progressively been increasing in popularity and has helped several people—volunteers and attendees alike—connect during the event.

Junior Nicholas Marin says, “I think it’s a nice thing to do, because it gives everyone the opportunity to read and it helps people interact with each other.”

Students of Seminole can continue to help out in the community not only by donating books but volunteering at the book giveaway as well. With the support of faculty and students, the giveaway is always rewarding and productive.

Lyons says, “It surprises me every year how successful it really is; we have a great team of teachers, and I think it’ll be pretty successful.”

The giveaway on March 28 will be from 10 A.M. to l P.M. All books are completely free, and volunteers are welcome to contribute during the giveaway. To sign up for volunteering at the giveaway, click here. Until then, keep donating books in the designated offices to give back to your school and community!