Brea Jones

With the track season starting up, the athletes began training to win.

Taylor Harris, Reporter

Although temperatures dropped, preparation for the SHS Girls’ Track season has begun at the school’s stadium.

Team members completed sprints and long-distance runs to improve their speed and endurance, respectively. Coach Ken Brauman gave a pep talk outlining the team’s objective for the season, including beating personal records, winning and placing in meets, and going to state competition.

Sprinting, stretching, and long distance running are staples of preseason conditioning as well as practices during the season. The team is expected to stay fit in and out of the school season. During practices, runners partake in two practice runs in their category and they compete against their previous times. Runners practice every day and sometimes focus on specific activities. Baton handoffs or block starts may be practiced to make runners more comfortable before a meet.

During a conversation concerning preseason conditioning, junior Sheri Ault says, “Preseason conditioning helped me prepare for the track season by putting more effort towards my speed. My speed has come a long way since the season started.”

The first official meet was held on Feb. 17 at Lake Mary High School. The events at this meet showcased the 100 meter race, the 200 meter race, and other various races.

While discussing her opinion on the outcome of the track team’s second meet, freshman Nayah Johnson states, “At the Seminole Open [at Clermont], SHS runners pushed themselves hard to represent the school. Everyone did their very best to not just win the race, but not give up.”

The competitions for Varsity included the Highlander Invitational on Feb. 26 at Lake Highland Prep and the Spruce Creek Invitational at Spruce Creek High School on March 5. The meet for Junior Varsity, the Developmental Meet at Lake Mary High School, occurred on March 2. Meets continued throughout March. 

Thus far, sophomore Nicole Smith describes her experience with the SHS track team by saying, “Being on this team for my second high school season has been really fun. I can call this team my family. Even if we win or lose we are a family.”

The track team looks forward to a rewarding season and to meet its objectives as well as personal goals.