Athlete Spotlight: Lindsey Chavez Cruz

Mika Bonnik, Guest writer

SHS Girls Weightlifting Team

Photo taken by: Lindsey Chavez

A predominant part of the SHS weightlifting team is Seminole’s Lindsey Chavez-Cruz. Chavez is one of the team’s presidents, and a junior who has been on the weightlifting team since her sophomore year. Chavez first joined the team because she believed weightlifting was “something different and unique in its own way.” When asked about her first time competing, Chavez told us “I felt kind of nervous and also excited, but overall it was a very nice experience.”


When Chavez initially  joined, she did not have any fears but empathized with the new girls coming onto the team. . “I could imagine them being scared about picking up weight over their head or dropping it on top of themself”, she explains. Chavez assures that “there’s nothing to be scared of because you will not pick up a heavy weight right away. You will get practice until you feel confident in putting on more weight than what you started with.” 


On the team, she shows leadership and you cannot help but feel admiration and positive energy while around her. Alongside of  working on her personal goals, Chavez also helps her teammates progress throughout the day. She can often be found critiquing her peers’  like telling them what they are doing wrong and how they can improve. Her teammates tell us “Lindsey is an important part of the team, and if anyone is missing from us then we’re not the same team”.


Before joining the team, Chavez didn’t participate in any extracurriculars. After joining the team Chavez started progressing quickly due to her dedication and the team’s support and positivity. In the first weightlifting meet of the 2022-23 school year, Chavez placed 1st in her division in which she participated in Bench Press, Power Clean, and Clean Jerk. Chavez shares that weightlifting helps a lot with her mental health. . “It helps with my stress about school and personal stuff. It’s like a little get-away from reality type of moment.” 


Chavez continues to encourage new girls who are interested in weightlifting, “Never doubt yourself on how much weight you can lift, because you will end up being surprised with yourself.” 


Lindsey Chavez-Cruz goes on to compete and succeed on Seminole’s weightlifting team. She is an inspiring being, and really shows she strives to be the best at what she does.