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Girls’ Lacrosse and Boys’ Lacrosse at Seminole High School are getting ready for their spring season! Noles are wishing our lacrosse teams good luck for their 2022 spring season!

Ava Flaute, Reporter

With the arrival of spring, student-athletes are beginning to prepare for tryouts and get their bodies pumping for their respective sport. One such sport whose conditioning season has begun is girls and boys lacrosse. 

Lacrosse at Seminole High School (SHS) is not only a highly competitive sport, but it is also a highly inclusive sport. The lacrosse team at our school is always looking for new faces to join them as they prepare for their 2022 spring season. For the girl’s lacrosse team, conditioning begins on Friday, Jan. 7 and ends on Jan. 24, which is the day of tryouts. The team practices every day of the week either in the weight room, the pool field, or by the ninth-grade center. Experienced and new athletes are welcome to join the conditioning!

Lacrosse conditioning prepares you for the skills needed for tryouts, providing the basics all players need to get a head start when the season begins. Basic stick skills, like being able to catch and throw the ball, and scoring exercises are included in the conditioning. However, lacrosse conditioning mainly consists of cardio and weight training and other HIT exercises that allow your body to prepare for what’s ahead. 

Attendees are able to build their strength, endurance, agility, and skill with all the new techniques learned at conditioning and at the start of the season. Currently, the lacrosse team is working on building their endurance and strength: push-ups, burpees, weighted wall sits, sprints, and mile runs. These exercises develop necessary endurance and skills that are essential for all sports, not just lacrosse. Attendees are also able to develop skills specific to the game of lacrosse such as cutting towards the goal, quick passes, shooting, and defense.

SHS student-athlete Brooklyn Evans, a new member of the lacrosse team, says “Right when I stepped foot on the field, I quickly realized how passionate the girls are about their sport and how focused they are on succeeding as well as helping other members get better and building the game.”

All attendees also receive extra help from amazing coaches. The specific help provided by the coaches during conditioning allows for one-on-one assistance. The student-athletes on the team are just as willing to help with anything or be a new friend for you as you start something new. 

SHS girls’ lacrosse varsity captain and senior Isabella Facciponti expresses that, “Lacrosse is an amazing sport for anyone to become involved in, we are always welcoming new faces and growing the game. You are able to learn true sportsmanship and gain skills as you start your new athletic career. The girls and Coach Alexis are always there to stay after to further your knowledge of the game!”

The lacrosse program at our school is growing each and every year, creating new passionate players that enjoy the game. If you think you are interested in trying lacrosse at Seminole High School you can email the girls coach, Coach Alexis Newman at and you can email the boys coach, Coach Raymond Ordonez at Another way to keep up with the SHS lacrosse team is by joining the band reminder group here. All the important information regarding practices, conditioning, and tryouts are stated here.