Taylor Harris

Seminole High drafts plans for a new turf field

Taylor Harris, Section Editor

The following article was published as a part of The Seminole Newspaper’s 2017 April Fool’s issue! The information, quotations, and other content is completely fictitious and should not be considered a true representation of the school, the administration, or other governing entities.


Seminole High School has begun to draft plans to install a turf football field in the stadium during the summer after the 2016-2017 school year. The new artificial turf field brings promises of easier maintenance and will be less expensive in the long run.

Senior Julia Adams said, “When I heard about the new field I was so excited! I only wish that the plans were made sooner so my class could enjoy it, too.”

Since the field will be artificial, the required maintenance will be less extensive and less frequent. During the school year, the stadium field is frequently closed to allow the grass to regrow. This leads to sports teams leaving to practice off-campus.

Junior Natalie Hartman stated, “It feels like every week the stadium field is closed so my team has to play on the field by the pool. At least three of my teammates have twisted their ankles there, so hopefully next year we can just practice on the stadium field.”

The estimated price of the field is $380,000. Although expensive up front, it is less expensive than the yearly cost of a sod field. Funding has come from an anonymous donor due to the football team’s success this season.

Sophomore Aiden Miller said, “I think the football team deserves a turf field, especially after the hard work they put in this season. It’s really cool that someone felt generous enough to donate the money.”

The field is expected to last between eight to ten years. By creating the plans for the turf field, SHS will join countless other schools in Seminole County with artificial fields along with making cost-efficient decisions. More information regarding the finalization of the plans will be released soon.