Katherine Lachcik

Many recognize the national Day of Silence and take a vow of silence in support for those who are verbally abused and bullied.
Photo By: Whitten Bumbalough, Photography Manager

By: Katherine Lachcik, Reporter

On April 17, some students at Seminole took part in the nationally renowned Day of Silence. Its main purpose is to bring attention to the problems that millions of students, who are victims of bullying, experience. Some of these problems include physical and verbal abuse, discrimination, and social exclusion. The Day of Silence’s ultimate goal is to provide an effective stand against bullying in order to make a safer, more positive environment for all.

The National Day of Silence encompasses several aspects of bullying and persecution, but it was started by raising awareness of homosexuals, transgenders, etc., being bullied and harassed. Today, it has evolved and grown tremendously in schools throughout the country.

Sophomore James Rimmer says, “I don’t think bullying can be stopped no matter what we do, but I appreciate what the [Day of Silence] is trying to do, because it’s still trying to raise awareness on the subject.”

Since its inception in Virginia in 1996, the Day of Silence has become a nationwide event for countless schools. A common practice on this day is that students can put tape over their mouths to signify that they cannot speak the entire day. This action is done to convey the idea that victims of bullying are often silenced, and is a silent protest against verbal bullying and abuse.

Sophomore Kimora Fequiere says, “I think the National Day of Silence is important because it’s a really unique way to stand up against bullying and judgment.”

This year, the Day of Silence was recognized on April 17, and last year included a photoshoot held by the newspaper for students participating during both lunches. The event has been steadily growing in popularity over the years, and is still increasing in nationwide participation today.

Freshman Eric Smith says, “It has a good idea to ending bullying, and I think it makes a lot of people aware of how bad bullying can be.”

The Day of Silence is significant in today’s society because it promotes tolerance and respect to others, no matter who they are and what they stand for. Although bullying others will never be entirely eradicated, the Day of Silence aims to prevent the discrimination and exclusion millions of people must face each day.