Renee Sang

The dodgeball game had a large turnout this year, as many teams competed.

Taylor Harris, Reporter

The Seminole High School Leadership program hosted the Dodgeball Tournament on Nov. 20 in the competition gym. Students, teachers, staff, and administrators were eligible to participate.

Teams were required to submit their final roster, registration form, and full payment by Nov. 18 to Mrs. Janill Johnsen, the leadership sponsor. Each team consisted of eight players at most. Rules and regulations were explained to teams in the registration form.

Johnsen says, “[The] rules of the game are simple. [If] the ball touches you, you’re out. [There is] no throwing of the ball to the opponent’s face. After that, all is game.”

The tournament has remained consistent regarding attendance and the structure of the game and tournament.

Johnsen says, “We hold a tournament every year. We always have a great turnout, wonderful players, and it’s a fun night.”

The profit from the $20 entrance fee was used to purchase canned goods. All canned goods were donated to the SHS food pantry to stock up for Thanksgiving.

Johnsen states, “We have needy parents and students on our own campus that rely on the food pantry before holiday breaks. We hope to grow the tournament, but our focus remains the same. All of the profits will benefit our own students here at SHS.”

A total of 16 teams engaged in the tournament. Each game lasted five minutes but the final round had no time limit. The final four were ICYB, Baw, Dodge Kings, and Succ. The members of ICYB finished the tournament as the victors.

Junior Gabriel Davis states, “I knew we were going to win it all so it really wasn’t a surprise to me [when we won]. The other advantages we had over the other teams were we had the most athletic kids at Seminole on our team.”

The tournament has repeatedly been an enjoyable event for players and they partake in it annually.

Junior Marcus Byrd states, “I’ve played in the dodgeball tournament for the past two years. I plan on participating next year because it’s very fun and for a good cause.”

The yearly dodge ball tournament has been an ongoing success and has continued to be an amusing and entertaining occasion for students and faculty.