Caitlyn Drazen

Students audition for the upcoming Seminole Theater production, Cinderella.

Mallika Dave, Reporter

The Seminole High School Theatre Company’s spring musical production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is underway, and plans are already being made to prepare for this large show. The show is supposed to be the biggest show the theatre company has done in years.

To accommodate this large musical, the Theatre Company’s rule of only admitting students enrolled in an acting class has been altered slightly. All students are eligible to audition for a musical role, but technical positions are open to theater kids only; these can include house, hair, makeup, lighting, sound, stage management, set construction, props, art and costuming.

Deadlines for technical applications have already passed, and auditions for acting and singing positions took place from December 14-16. To audition, interested students signed up with Mrs.Ortiz in the acting room, located in KWC.

Junior Alexia Greene says, “Cinderella is a complicated show, so I think it is wise to make preparations this early so everything works out. All the branches of the show have an important role and need to communicate with each other, so the cast will be more familiar with each other by having casting done by this year.”

The cast and crew is expected to be big because of the complexity of the show and all the work that goes into it. The official cast and crew list was released Tuesday, Dec. 22.

The Theatre Company is hiring a  professional dressmaker to create Cinderella’s intricate dress, and all the technical departments will be significantly larger to accommodate the show. Mrs. Ortiz and the technical directors already have plans for a meeting to discuss designs and foundations.

Makeup director and Junior Lara Olsen says, “[Cinderella] is going to be a huge show, and we put this into consideration by holding casting five months before the actual show. The makeup department is going to face significant growth as there are many new techniques and skills needed for each character’s makeup.”

The size of the show is comparable to the production of Beauty and the Beast, which was put on by the SHS Theatre Company in 2012. By putting on a show of this size, actors have the  opportunity to further their acting skills.

Sophomore Bushra Thakur says, “I hope, by being in the show, to learn to perform and act better and learn from the professionalism that everyone in [the theatre company] displays.”

The SHS Theatre Company will be performing Cinderella in April of 2016.