Kierstin Phillips

Students are unsure where to go study with the media center closed due to testing.

Gwyneth Katker, Photographer

Seminole High School’s media center is an area that provides a lot of help for students. Not only does it serve as a safe environment for students who need to stay after school for extended hours, but also it can be used for virtual school, homework, and a place for students to print documents.

“I had a quiet place to work during lunch or after school, and if I forgot to print papers out or if I forgot to do an assignment I was able to use the computers [at the media center]” said senior Eva Ortiz

However, recently the media center has been closed more often. Testing is limiting the availability of the media center to students.

This brings many problems to students who don’t have a printer and rely on the media center as well as those who have to wait for their parents after school.

“My mom would often work really late and wouldn’t be able to pick me up until 5 p.m. or sometimes [even] later, so I would have to stay in the media center. Often, though, it would be closed and I would have to wait at the bus ramp,” said Ortiz.

The media center is usually open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Due to testing and other events like previously booked club meetings the media center has been closed more frequently for students who need to utilize it for other reasons. Sometimes the media center is also closed because of the lack of supervisors to control the media center and work there.

“I am the only one that works in the afternoons, and there is nobody to cover for me when I’m sick or have an appointment for something,” said Bridges.

Another option on what to do when the Media Center is closed is to simply do this work in a classroom as long as the teacher allows students to do so.

Although there are a few options for visits during school hours, after-school visits are a completely different story. There is no good option for after school, other than waiting outside.

Even though there are good reasons for the media center being closed, it is very unsafe for students to sit by themselves out on campus with no security.  The school needs to come up with other options for helpless students to make sure their safety is guaranteed. Students have little to no options to work at school, hindering their education. A media center should be a place of quiet and study, rather than a testing center that happens to have book wallpaper.