Jaden Mitchell, Guest Writer

The start of December means the holidays are approaching. At Seminole High School, Leadership, a student government class, has planned some fun spirit days for the winter season. The spirit days are an opportunity for the students to show off their school spirit and favorite holiday outfits. The days are as follows: Monday, December 5 is ‘Sweater Weather’, in which students wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweater. Tuesday, December 6 is ‘Iced Out’, where students showcase their fanciest attire. Wednesday, December 7 is ‘Summer vs Winter’, where students either dress up for the warm summertime or the chilly winter season. Thursday, December 8 is ‘Holiday Character Day’, in which the students dress up as their favorite holiday movie character. Friday December 9 is ‘Flannel Pants Friday’, in which students wear your favorite flannel pajama pants. 


These dress up days are extremely popular among the students. Many of the kids enjoy getting to show off their school spirit. For the Seminole High School’s Leadership team, planning these fun spirit days are no easy task, but their hard work pays off. They work hard to appeal to the masses of the school in the span of 5 days. Students were interviewed to get their thoughts on this year’s winter spirit week.

Ianilis Arocho-Hernandez, a  Senior in Health Academy, said she liked the spirit days for winter week. She appreciated the thought and effort that went into them. She felt that winter week was fun because she enjoys dressing up during the holidays. Like many students, Arocho-Hernandez is interested in the cool and wacky display of winter themed spirit. She said her favorite day is ‘Flannel Pants Friday’ because she finally has an excuse to wear pajama pants to school. When asked about the types of spirit days she would want to see in the future, she said Seminole’s Leadership should do more patriotic themed days. She feels students outside of the student government organizations should have a say in determining the spirit week themes so there is an opportunity for a wider variety of ideas. 


Another Senior in Health Academy, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she feels as though the spirit days could have been improved, although her favorite days from the week were ‘Ugly Sweater day’ and ‘Flannel pants Friday,’as they made the most sense in relation to the Winter season theme, in comparison to the Summer vs Winter and Iced Out spirit days.  When asked to further elaborate on improvements that could be made, she expressed that the student government leaders could create something different that they have never done before, such as crocs and socks day.  


Leadership’s ideas for the spirit days are sometimes responded to with mixed reactions, as there is no way to appeal to everyone. However, most students are generally pleased and happy to participate. Many will find that they are more in tune with their school spirit by dressing up for the holidays. 


The dress up days for this year’s winter week have received a lot of positive feedback. There were many students dressed in their best ugly sweaters, fanciest outfits and craziest Christmas characters. At Seminole High School, students are always excited to see the spirit weeks and dress up accordingly.