Krisha Patel

Spending spring break at the beach is a way many students relax.

Mariah Vaughn, Reporter

After a long winter, spring is finally rolling in. Friends and families from all over come to Florida to escape the cold weather and, ironically, Florida residents leave to escape the crowds. As a long anticipated spring break has arrived, Seminole High School (SHS) students cannot wait to have a whole week to get away from the stress of school. Whether the time is spent alone or with loved ones, spring break is one of the most awaited breaks of the school year. 


Junior IB student, Aryan Save expresses, “I am going out to the park with my friends to play soccer and football. I love playing soccer with my friends, and I competitively play cricket. During my busy spring break I am also studying for general exams like the SAT and our BPA podcast with my brilliant partner Nihal. We have to put in extra work because we qualified for Nationals, we placed second in the state and will win first at nationals.” 


Students like Save are academically driven and always working to strive for their own success. 


Some of the SHS student body also have exciting travel plans for the break. IB sophomore Taylor Thomas, shares: “I am going to Aspen, Colorado to go skiing with my friend Sofia, so that is going to be really fun. We are going to hang out…[and] we are going to go into the village …[hope to] have fun on the mountain. We are really excited.” 


Another IB sophomore, Jyotsna Reddy, is also hanging out with her friends: “I am going to one of my best friend’s birthday party at the Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park. I also have some tentative plans. I might go camping with my family and our family friends. Then we also might go to Aquatica if the weather is good over spring break, and I think that is about it.” 


Reddy continues to explain how excited she is to spend time with her favorite people outside of school and her family. Reddy says she is ready for the break from the IB workload, and will enjoy not waking up so early.


Some students like Alice Oxborough, an IB Sophomore, do not have much planned except to relax at home: “I am quite literally doing nothing, but I am cat-sitting for our family friends at their house.” 


While many students, like Thomas and Reddy, may have a lot planned, lots of SHS students will be in the same boat as Oxborough, spending the time relaxing and enjoying the time off. 


Other students like Soumya Bodhanapu, an IB Sophomore, plan on spending more time with their family while they can: “With my sister coming home from college, I plan on using her for her driving skills as much as possible to take me to places and to spend time with her too. I also look forward to hanging out with my friends, and maybe going to see Quantamania in theaters with them.” 


She has also stated that she plans on taking advantage of this time to take a break from her studies, and reduce her stress from school.


Despite many ‘Noles being excited for break, most are not looking forward to the spring break crowd taking over Florida for the next few weeks. No matter where students are spending this year’s break, all that matters is they are enjoying their time to themselves. All Seminole students deserve this long break for all of their hard work and SHS wishes everyone a happy break!