The workload for high school is tough!

Sharon Kim

The workload for high school is tough!

Lillian Rue Leonard, Reporter

From Flashcards, Quizlets, Study Groups, to even Photomath, we have tried it all! Yet the sleepless nights and stressful days of reading information do not seem to be cutting it. High School is stressful. Balancing grades with sports, clubs, jobs, family, and relationships is often too much for anyone to handle, let alone a teenager. After speaking with fellow peers, it seems they all have the same advice: time management. 

Time management is the ability to effectively utilize time in order to complete all tasks in a given day. SHS junior Kiley Stackpole is a top student who balances varsity lacrosse with 4 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Her solution is proper time management. 

Stackpole recommends staying on top of assignments and events by keeping an updated calendar or planner. With an organized calendar, students are able to stay up to date and in touch with the school, clubs, and their social life. 

“Manage your work in a timely manner and do not procrastinate. Your work will build up, causing you to become stressed out when you could have eliminated the problem by taking care of your assignments the day of.”, she elaborates.

Tactical management is also important. It is the process of creating an appropriate plan by using practical methods and tactics to create a successful work environment. Tactical management is often used in the work space to create objectives, and ensure success throughout a journey. A major part of tactical management is finding your ideal study environment. See what works best for you! Calming Music, candles, bright light, incense, or even a change of Scenery are helpful changes to your study environment. 

SHS junior Cassidy Hardin says that she has noticed “higher grades and improvement” within her grades after spending 2 hours studying in a quiet and serene environment. Hardin even suggests continuous “brain breaks” to maintain focus while studying for so long. Students around Seminole’s campus have all seen improvement and growth within their studying tactics with these few, but GPA-saving tips. 

As we move forward through the new year, the tips mentioned above can help ensure a fun and successful year. Small things like brain breaks, study groups, and a proper Studying environment can make a big difference. Good luck to all of you this school year!