Seminole High’s new test coordinator, Ms. Shelly Prom, works to make sure that all students can take the right tests at the right time.

Bobbi Zahn, Staff Reporter

Seminole High School testing coordinator Ms. Shelly Prom makes sure that all testing is done properly and in a timely fashion. How are all of these tests scheduled? Seminole High School takes care of that with their testing coordinator.

Ms. Prom said, “The state dictates a window that specific test have to be given [during that time]. It is my job to schedule every student within the specified window.”

Ms. Prom informs Seminole High School guidance counselors of when she scheduled each test for. She has a team that helps her with the large amount of Seminole students that has to make sure each one of them takes their test which is possibly taken on the computer.

“It is quite a challenge,” said explained Ms. Prom, “scheduling the number of students we have here at Seminole High school computer time for these tests.”

While Ms. Prom doesn’t directly deal with the scheduling of tests such as SAT and ACT, most high school students will take one or both of these tests. They go to their guidance counselor for information and help with the SAT and ACT.

Guidance counselor Mrs. Robin Thompson stated, “I give [students] resources where they can get some help such as ROBLE learning and Master Scholars Test Prep, etc. I give them handouts with the dates and I give them the website to sign up.”

Thankfully, the SAT and ACT are given multiple times throughout the year for students to work around. However it can still create a scheduling conflict with some students.

Senior Sem Santiago said, “Yes [I have had scheduling conflicts because] I had to work that day so last minute I’ve had to call someone to work for me.” When asked about scheduling conflicts with FACAT or another standardized test he stated, “[Those tests] have always been in school so my teachers told me [when they were].”

Standardized tests are taken every year by Seminole High School students and test coordinator, Ms. Prom, makes sure that each and every students receives the appropriate test at the correct time