Princess Nilah Smith, Guest Writer

The most appreciated people at schools are typically the ones students see the most throughout the day: the teachers. Even the principal who keeps the school with its head on straight and the guidance counselor for counseling students and being there for them in their time of need are other examples of highly praised people in the school. The commonly forgotten people are the men and women riding on bikes and golf carts around a campus. These people are campus security guards.


 Campus security is there to provide a safe and well-observed campus. These few people are there when school starts and till it ends. Campus security is one of the unnoticed groups of the school. Students walk by and many don’t realize how lucky they are to have someone there for their safety and guidance even if it’s just from class to class. The importance of campus security is so significant that it is recommended by the U.S department of education. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 2022 the safety and security of all students is the most important aspect of “postsecondary education.”This is the main reason why the Department of Education decided to implement campus security guards nationwide. Campus security is always there in the time of emergencies and surveillance, it is never expected for a school to go into lockdown and be under attack. However,if it were to happen, campus security guards are always first on the scene and can provide insight to authorities when they arrive. In the case of this unfortunate scenario, the benefits that come from having security is their ability to deescalate the situation faster than without having any (Twin city Security). 

Additionally, de escalating situations quicker is not the only benefit to having campus security guards. Another benefit of campus security is that they provide comfort not only to “students but to parents” as well Citiguard, 2021. Parents send their children to school every day hoping for a safe return. Well, campus security can help ensure that. One other aspect of having  campus security is that they are able to communicate back and forth with local law enforcement to bring “awareness of any concerning issues on and off campus”University of Tulsa. These individuals go through required training so they can help and be aware of as many situations as possible. Some of the training includes “drug and alcohol training, active shooter preparedness, and mental health awareness” (Holland, 2020). Students not only need someone to protect them, but they also need someone to come to if they are having issues. 


Campus security can be stern and on guard but they are approachable and there for a reason. The role of a campus security officer has grown so much. Security started as someone standing at the door monitoring who goes in and out, but now with the help of exceptional men and women they have grown to have teams that students see all over campus. These people are the community heroes and protectors of schools nationwide.