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Abra Stalker

Finding out dates, times, and locations for sports at Seminole High School (SHS) is important for students so they have the right information when it comes to games, practices, and any other important announcements regarding Seminole’s athletics. That’s why on August 16th, a new website was launched as the new sports information center for SHS. 


To get to the website, simply click or type: Upon getting to the website, there are a few different sections available to click onto. One is titled Fall Sports, and it includes cheerleading, bowling, golf, cross country, swimming, volleyball, and, of course, football. Clicking on one of these sports from the Fall Sports category opens a page for that sport’s details regarding games, tickets, and practices. Information to contact coaches is also available in this section. Another section on the new website is Winter Sports, and it is just like the other sports category except it displays winter sports such as basketball, cheerleading, soccer, weightlifting, and wrestling. As one would expect, there is also a category for Spring Sports and includes information for baseball, beach volleyball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, and weightlifting. The Booster Club section opens a new website specifically for Bokey Boosters. From here, boosters can either join or sign in. Tickets can also be found on this section. The Coaches category is useful for finding the names and emails of every head coach of every sport here at SHS. The Clearance category gives students a way to get cleared for athletics, as well as coaches and directs students by providing links and steps to get cleared for sports. Athletic training is a category that gives details regarding training and doctors notes. Another beneficial section is the Tickets, which opens the GoFan website for students to purchase tickets from. The last category, About Us, provides a summary of the SHS athletics, as well as details about the athletic directors for Seminole. 


This website will surely help all different kinds of students here at SHS. For athletes, it is significant for them to have all the correct information about their sporting events. For students in clubs such as The Seminole Times or Yearbook, attending these events is important, which can only be done if they have the proper information regarding the events. And, of course, for staff members that want to attend, they will now have access to the website for getting information quickly. 


A student here at SHS, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared how she feels about the new website: “I think that this website will definitely benefit a lot of people. It can be confusing, especially for new students, when it comes to finding details about athletic events. Getting tickets, finding out locations, dates and times, and finding other general information will now be much easier with this website. I love the idea of it.”


Many students are happy to hear that there is officially a website to navigate for Bokey sports. SHS junior athlete, Jonas Markle, gives his opinion on the new athletics website: “As someone on the football team, I find this website to be very helpful. It’s not always easy to find information when it comes to Seminole’s sports. Being on the football team requires you to know when and where practices and games will take place, so this website will now be a primary source for all of us to use when it comes to getting details on our sport.”


This website is definitely here to stay as teachers, students, and parents are able to gain useful information about all the athletic activity here at SHS! We can’t wait to see all the positive effects this website provides this school year.