The Power of Silence



Justin Coleman, Contributor

Silence is the most prominent force in the world of self-development. Through silence, one is able to explore what is within themselves and learn more about who they are. Since the sense of hearing is temporarily cut off in silence, the inner world of thoughts and feelings expands, enabling one to gain a greater insight into their inner self. To enhance this inner experience, one would need to find a means to cut off all of their senses. This entails the temporary dissociation from one’s hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight. Once in this void of darkness, inner exploration begins. One can now observe their thoughts and feelings, allowing for growth and change to occur within them. If, in this state, an individual feels anger, they are able to gain awareness of the incident that caused this feeling and, thus, re-evaluate the situation as a whole. In Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, Bob Proctor wrote: “Belief is based upon our evaluation of something, and often if we re-evaluate a situation, our belief about that situation will change.” It is in these deep absorptions into silence that we are actually able to re-evaluate situations and hardships of life. For instance, an individual who is angered by a slow driver will enter this state and be able to recall the incident with more clarity. Once the realization is established, the individual can now decide to release the anger from this moment and allow it to freely flow away into nothingness, or they can find peace with the situation and forgive themselves and the person involved, showing true growth. Through this system, limits can be overcome and one can develop an attitude that is directed from within!