Thespian Troupe 3266’s community of members.

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

A large population of students perceive the Seminole Theater company as the group who puts on the fall and spring play every year. What they do not recognize, is our theater company’s excellence in their work, as they compete every year at a District Thespian competition. The competition meets with students from different schools and establishes a social network with other theater students across the county.  Some students who compete are thespians while others participate because they are intrigued or passionate about theater. 

“I am in a student- directed scene and the large group musical ,‘The Girl For You’, and I’m drawn to theater because of it letting you escape into your own new world within the scene and letting you connect to other people that also love to do what you do,” says junior Amelia Smith.

When the students arrive on Thursday and Friday, they present their “One Act” in front of a panel, and are then judged on a scale from Poor to Superior. A One-Act is a forty-five minute short play, and is judged from Poor to Superior on two scales Acting and Technical. The top three One-Acts of the district then proceed to the State Competition, and are also given the chance to perform at the Orlando Fringe Festival. On Sunday, after the performance of their One-Act, thespians have a chance to participate in Individual Events (IEs), such as Duet Acting, Monologues, Small Group Musical, Scene Design, and more. If they decide that an Individual Event is not suitable for them, they can perform a single act, which is a performance of one act from a play. 

“I am the lead role in our One-Act called Breathless, and I am participating in duet acting scene. I am drawn to theater because of the opportunity it gives you to not only express yourself but also bring both you and your director’s vision for the piece to life. There is something satisfying about being able to present something you worked so incredibly hard on for others,” says junior Jody Santos.

The Thespians at Seminole High School have been astounding at the district competitions in the past, and have made it to states every year so far! Be sure to show your support and wish your fellow thespians luck for their competition on Thursday!