The summer was a season of spectacular silver screen cinemas.

Natalie Lambert, Staff Reporter

This summer, movies from just about every genre have been popping into cinemas left and right.

With the new fad of superhero movies hitting theaters, people have been clamoring to go see more.  Marvel released The Amazing Spiderman, starring Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (love interest). The movie earned a solid four stars in rating.

After seeing the new Spiderman, freshman Fallon Wendoloski said “I saw Spiderman 4, it was amazing! I loved it because it had something new and interesting in each part.

For people who aren’t fans of superheroes, then another great action movie would be Total Recall.  Starring Collin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale, the film deals with a man who visits a factory to make his dreams become real memories of his past. Sporting three stars, the film is claimed to be “unique”, “disturbing”, and “brilliant”.

Some moviegoers prefer lighthearted movies with more drama or fluff. Step up Revolution, the fourth installment in the Step Up series, has just been released, with a three star review.  The plot is more intense than any of the previous Step Up movies, with a dance crew that uses their abilities to make a statement on everyday life and the issues they see.

A great recommendation for a family movie would be Disney’s Brave. Merida, a Scottish princess, sets out to find her fate in a display of bravery that ends up getting her caught in a web of trouble. The Pixar animated film can warm anyone’s heart with the intense mother- daughter theme and the message that family can overcome all.

“I liked Brave due to the fact that it showed a strong heroine and that she was relatable because of her big hair,” said sophomore Lizzie Shugart about the film she admitted to seeing three times.

Though only a few were mentioned here, so many more amazing movies were released this summer that should be seen. From The Dark Knight Rises, to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, tons of movies are out there waiting to be watched and, ultimately, enjoyed.