Ariyen Jimenez

Pictured above is Seminole sophomore Jordyn Harris, who discusses the new schedule below.

Romina Ariannejad, Reporter

Seminole High School (SHS) has started off the new school year with a new schedule, the infamous block schedule. However, this schedule is unlike any other block schedule from previous years. Throughout the week, students will have odd or even classes depending on the day, with the exception of fifth period everyday. Each class is around an hour and forty-five minutes, which can feel draining to suddenly adapt to, especially at the start of the school year.  Block scheduling has impacted lesson plans and typical classroom routines, leaving some teachers and students unsatisfied.

SHS IB freshman, Dormina Khatami feels strongly about the new schedule and the way it affects her. She states: “It’s confusing and harder to memorize which classes to go to everyday. Also, the fact that we are in each class for such long periods of time, it makes it harder to focus and participate. On the positive side, we have a longer time to finish assignments. Having the same fifth period everyday is also good because lunch stays consistent, but it can be bad because not everybody likes their fifth period class. Overall, I believe that having a block schedule has both a positive and negative side.” 

Ananya Vishwakarma, an IB junior at SHS, had a much more different approach to the new schedule and seemed almost strained by it. She expresses: “I strongly dislike it. I wish they just went back to the 3 days normal, 2 days block schedule. It was so much better. Like no one wants to sit there for two hours and now it’s even harder to be continuous in classes.” 

Jordyn Harris, an IB sophomore, said “I don’t really like it because we change classes less so we have less chances to see friends and also it’s really hard to sit in a room for almost two hours without a break.” 

Each student has a unique opinion. Another SHS student, IB sophomore, Sarikka Rejeth said “I like it on even days because my favorite classes are those days. Also it gives me time for homework and more free time.” 

 SHS sophomore, Nasya Jacobs agrees. Jacobs approaches the schedule with a more open-minded response and an overall acceptance. She states: “I hated it at first, but it’s not the worst schedule I’ve ever had. I also like having a fifth period as a constant because that means I always have the same lunch.” 

Many teachers possess their own opinion regarding the schedule as well. Kiersten Bordner, an IB AP Language and Composition teacher, possesses a neutral perspective regarding the block schedule. She acknowledges the advantages and disadvantages: “As far as block scheduling, I do like block scheduling when it is modified. Although, I feel like it might be a kind of cruel and unusual punishment to have both teachers and students sitting in these courses because one-hundred and ten minutes is just too long. However, I see value in block schedule for whether it be essay writing or doing labs in science and so forth. You can do a lot of longer activities, but I feel that should only be happening maybe once a week for the stamina it just helps the students. It’s hard to pay attention for that long. Quite frankly it’s hard to teach in these long class periods too.”

To conclude, the new block schedule has certainly affected both students and teachers in different ways. Some find it to their advantage, while others don’t find it useful whatsoever. Overall, everyone has their unique opinions!