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Seminole High School (SHS) students’ 9 week exams are just around the corner. Exam preparations are in full swing as students prepare for the week of exams. So In what way does the exam help? The exam is a given test in relation to the lessons and activities discussed at the start of the quarter. The test is provided by teachers for the purpose of challenging students’ knowledge. Teachers may use this data to figure out what percentage of students in the class have an understanding of the lesson, and what is not being understood. The tool can be used to guide students to the right tools so they can earn the grade or knowledge they need.


So how does this affect students? For some students, knowledge of the work presented in the weeks following is still clear and can be presented in confidence in their abilities to pass their tests. Others may not have the same understanding. It is important as a student to start learning and utilizing the tools given by teachers to begin the studying process. The studying process can be started by laying down all the topics/lessons discussed and notes pertaining to each section. This information may be overwhelming looking from a set of outside eyes. But do not fret, there is a way to break this down in an easier way. One important step to take action is time management. Time management can play a big factor in balancing homework and studying apart from daily activities. Creating a schedule along the weeks that provides students with a designated day off can help create a balance. Taking this approach can help students gain knowledge of topics and gain real-world experience. Breaking it down, students should study their notes through flashcards. Many ways to break down information are through flashcards. Flashcards are great ways for students to visually test their ability to test their knowledge term by term. Although physical flashcards are great, public websites such as Quizlet are a great resource for students to begin creating online flashcards. This can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed for students by allowing them to focus on one subject. 


Like many students, Ashley Castilio, a senior PSI student, tries to prepare for her 9 weeks exams. “PSI is mostly project-based, but very few classes include exams. I want to prepare myself for what exams will be held for a few of my classes by studying now.” This is a great time to start, or weeks in advance. Students who have time to study are more capable of covering materials than those who cram it all in one day. Castillo continues on to say: “Studying is beneficial and without it, my grades will reflect upon it.” The 9 weeks exams take a percentage of grades which is why it’s important to study. “As next week approaches, I hope to fit studying in my routine, and I plan on reducing my stress.” Creating a balance may be difficult with a busy schedule, which is often the case for many students. Luckily there can be another alternative for breaking down this information.

This can be done by finding a quiet environment or setting to layout study materials. Organizing materials allows students to make the studying process easier. For some students, resources and notes with definitions can be hard to understand with how it is written. Luckily, there is a way to make things easier. Rewriting definition segments in shorter words can help connect students with words pertaining to what is being said visually or even rewriting down on a physical copy of paper can allow the brain to visually grasp the following material. 


Student Samuel Sinanian, PSI Senior and Seminole High School Band Member, disagrees. Sinanian states “I most likely mentally prepare myself for 9 week exams. I never want to do them because they are long and often stressful.” Many students feel this way in preparation for 9 weeks exams and aren’t able to focus on studying. Sananian continues about not studying “I don’t think it helps and just leads to more stress. I don’t want to study for the test, and so far I must be doing it right.” Although students may study, some are not about it and know the material better than others. “Other topics further in the year, for upcoming exams, might be more stress-inducing, but for now I am pretty content.” Students fluctuate at different levels, following what is best for yourself is the path to follow.


In conclusion, as students begin to prepare for 9 week exams, it is important for students to utilize their time to figure out their struggles to certain criteria pertaining to the exam. In doing so, students can focus their studies to a limit. Although studying is not for everyone, it may be a new opening for those who struggle with remembering criteria

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