Tips on Staying Active, Having Fun, and Being Productive during COVID-19


Jessica Ty

If you’re bored at home, here are a few activities you can do during quarantine.

Ritika Vonguru, Reporter

Although we are all facing major uncertainty, there are still some things you can do to stay active in your community while helping your neighbors and still having fun. 

How to stay active in your community: 

A great way to stay active in your community is to help your neighbors while, of course, maintaining social distancing. The easiest way to contribute is by donating canned goods to your nearest food pantry, donating money to COVID-19 relief organizations such as Volunteers of America, or simply offering virtual aid to those in need. Donations come a long way, even if it is only a small amount. 

Some fun things to do while you are bored:

The internet has formulated many fun, at-home activities to engage in amidst the ongoing pandemic. Some activities to consider: try cleaning your room that has been a mess for two months, organize your shelves, or build a bookshelf with all the spare wood sitting in your attic. Maybe try painting something to alleviate stress (or drawing), try a new hobby (like juggling), or even binge some (or a lot) Netflix shows. You could use this time as an opportunity to: read all the books you promised to read at the beginning of the school year but never got a chance to, cut your hair, color-coordinate the clothes in your closet, play some soccer with your family, or take your dog(s) on (many) walks around your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless. Although you are stuck at home amid the pandemic, there are all sorts of activities to get you through this time. 

“I have been wanting to learn how to play the piano for a while because knowing piano makes learning music theory a lot easier, which is important because I am a musician. I have a lot more time to practice now and I have already learned many songs,” said junior Kayla Zayas

If all fails, here is a curated list of some great films to watch from this year:

Parasite (Apple TV & Hulu)




-Two Popes (Netflix)

-The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Amazon Prime)


-Little Women

-Midsommar (Amazon Prime)

-Portrait of a Young Lady on Fire

-Blinded by the Light

-The Farewell (Amazon Prime)

-Uncut Gems

-Jojo Rabbit


-Blinded by the Light

-Marriage Story (Netflix)


-Pain and Glory

-Dolemite is my Name

-Honey Boy (Amazon Prime)

-How to Ride a Skateboard if you are a Girl

How to stay productive:

Although this is a very stressful time for everyone, it is important to keep working on daily tasks and staying as productive as possible. Making a time table, creating a checklist/to-do list, and bullet journaling are just some of the many effective tactics you can use as a student to keep track of due dates, staying organized, and most importantly, accomplishing your goals. 

“I am using my calendar and planner to stay up to date with school. It helps me stay organized and gives me a reminder if I have something due for a class. It’s hard to juggle all of this online, especially taking APs and being in IB, but we all need to adapt and try and make this situation a little less awful!” said Junior Chandana Karumanchi. 

All in all, It is crucial that you stay at home and keep yourself isolated from others. If we remain positive, we will get through this together. For more information please visit WorldoMeters to keep up to date with news pertaining to the COVID-19 crisis.