Ashley Dang

From parents dropping their kid/kids off to students driving to school, bad traffic can be frustrating and can even delay students’ arrival to school. Early birds seem to avoid all of the school traffic in the morning, so it is suggested that parents and/or students leave for school earlier than anticipated!

Ava Flaute, Reporter

Since the first day of school, we have seen a major increase in traffic and parking problems all throughout the entrances of the school and each school parking lot. This problem has made many students late to their first class all because there are too many students coming to school at one time. With students that can drive, when it is time for them to park in their assigned parking spot sometimes their spot is already taken by another car. This issue is bothering many students since that is the spot they reserved at the beginning of the year. We hope to soon see a difference with a decrease in traffic and fewer parking issues.


When it is time to come to school in the morning, traffic is backed up to an extreme extent and almost makes it impossible for students to arrive on time and to leave their homes at an appropriate time. Both the ninth-grade center students and the main campus students Most students come to school at relatively the same time, and with there being only three entrances and over 4,000 students, this creates problems. The entrances of both campuses typically flood with cars, resulting in a 30-minute delay to arrive at school. This is a major problem for students that their only way to get to school in the morning is to drive their own car. As frustrating as it sounds, this forces the students to leave extra early, and it can be troublesome for numerous people to be on time. Each school entrance is flooded with cars which could cause up to even a 30-minute delay just to arrive at school in the morning. This is a major problem for students that their only way to get to school in the morning is to drive their own car. This can be super frustrating because this issue forces the students to leave extra early and it can be hard for many people to be able to focus and drive early in the morning. 


Seminole High School Junior Rayna Haque states “I leave extra early in the morning just to be at school when the bell rings just because of the extra traffic, and when I arrive at school it takes a while just to reach my parking spot.”


Not only is there an issue with traffic, but there is also a predicament with student parking. For example, a senior that has spent extra on a particular spot to decorate, could have their spot taken over by another student.  Not only does this happen in the Senior parking lot, but this occurs in other parking spots as well; Lots including the junior lot, the pool lot, and the KWC parking lot.  [Especially with the traffic dilemma, it can be difficult to see your spot taken when you might already be late for school. For any student that comes across a problem with their parking spot, it is best to take a picture of the other car’s license plate and report the issue to the front office, and they will provide you further instructions on how to proceed

Seminole High School Health Academy Junior Megan Sanford expresses “Most times when I come to school in the morning I hear some of my peers saying how their parking spot was taken in the morning and it ended up making them late for school. I think we need to find a quick solution to fix this problem.”


Eventually, we hope to see a reduction in traffic or more immeasurable control over the number of cars coming into school. While our administration works tirelessly to fix this problem, we must be patient.

With more students coming to school, it is much more difficult to see an immediate resolution, but we hope to see some development as the school year goes on. Amidst the parking issues, we intend to see spots taken with only the owner’s car and less traffic all around.