Highlighting and contouring with bold brows have dominated makeup trends in 2016.

Kayla DeLotte, Reporter

Trends have always run society. Back in the 70’s, peace signs and flared jeans took over the fashion world. Neon colors would come in the 80’s, followed by a grunge look of the 90’s; however, 2016 has been dominated by dancing, makeup, and unexpected crazes.

Social media has a way of spreading a trend extremely quickly, especially with short dance videos. Dabbing was the first craze of the year and was made popular by football players, beginning with Cam Newton. “Hit the Quan” and “whipping, and “Juju on that Beat” have been on the list of top dances of 2016. Each of the dances involves a choreography that teenagers are rushing to learn, but these trends are slowly dying off.

“The whip and dab made for good laughs,” said junior Amir Serajzadeh. “Sadly, the whip has died, though the dab lives another day.”

Makeup has also broken the internet by catching the interest of people through millions of tutorials that flood social media. One of the major trends has revolved around eyebrows. Most females desire to have a thick, bushy brow because of the natural appearance and youthful look they give.

“Thick eyebrows rose to fame after Cara Delevingne became a prominent celebrity figure,” said junior Sloan Skat. “Bold brows accentuate people’s features and helps give the face dimension.” 

Another make-up fad was highlighting/contouring. Contouring involves taking a product a couple of shades darker than the natural skin tone and applying it to the hollows of the cheek, the perimeter of the face, and the sides of the nose in an effort to carve out those features; highlighting involves taking a product a few shades lighter than your skin and applying it down the center of the nose, forehead, chin, and on top of the cheekbones in an attempt to bring forth those features. The result of this combination is a face with defined and chiseled features. 

Not surprisingly, some random swept through this year. Water bottle flipping and Pokémon Go were huge trends that began around the middle of the year. Flipping a half filled water bottle until it hit a surface standing up consumed hours of people’s days. This all began after a high school student used the move for a talent show, which caused the crowd to go wild with cheers. However, this was no match to the amount of time people spent walking around on their phones in a bid to catch treasured Pokémon.

The Mannequin Challenge was the last trend to sweep the nation in 2016. It even made its appearance during lunch and a pep rally at Seminole High School. Teens from all over the country have posted their versions of this challenge which have included places like gyms, restaurants, and even living rooms.

Trends continuously come and go. This generation latches on to each and every one and follows it until a new trend comes out. 2017’s fashion and makeup trends have already been guessed, which leaves the youth waiting to be surprised by a new dance or something no one will expect. 

Can’t wait to see what happens in 2017!