Mariah Vaughn, Writer

As the weekend has come to an end, Tampa says goodbye to the totally terrific, talented  Taylor Swift. Starting on Thursday, April 13, 2023 Swift had her first show opening in Tampa, FL and her last Tampa show on Saturday, April 14. With fans from Seminole High School (SHS) and all over, the tour was a total hit. 


Some may not know but, Taylor Swift performs 2 special songs for each night of her tour. On Thursday the pop star performed Treacherous, from her album Red, and Speak now, from one of her first albums Speak now. At her Friday show, she performed 2 songs from her most recent album, Midnights, called You’re on Your Own Kid and The Great War. The last day, April 16, she performed yet another Speak Now song, Mean, and a song from a newer album, Folklore, called Mad Women with a surprise singer Aaron Dessner who was also brought out on the second night of her show.


Along with surprise guests, her openers were phenomenal as well. Beabadoobee, a 22 year old singer songwriter, opened for Swift all 3 nights of her Tampa visit, with Gracie Abrams, another young singer songwriter, opening for night 2 and 3. On her first night an up and coming artist GAYLE performed as an opener, although this artist just recently began her singing career. 


Krisha Patel

Taylor Swift is known for her stage presence and fans expect nothing less than a phenomenal show filled with many surprises. No matter if fans were avoiding spoilers or staying up every night to watch her shows being live streamed, Tampa fans were still in awe of her performance. With 10 studio albums to go through, she showed her love to all equally and the whole stadium could feel it. Swifties were even found outside of the stadium camping out near the jumbotron watching her sing and dance. While outsiders pass by, videos can be found all over social media where they claim the stadium was shaking and they captured moments where the whole crowd was in sync singing with Swift. 


Watching Taylor Swift, everyone knows she wants her shows to go as smoothly as possible, but accidents are bound to happen. One of the most memorable ones is when she missed her queue to jump into the “water” stage and ended up going late. As a professional, she handled it amazingly, and fans loved that they saw the real her in that moment. Throughout the concert she continually praised Tampa for having one of the best energy and amazing singing and dancing. Specifically on night 3, the applause for her Evermore song, Champagne Problems, left her stunned while at her piano. 


As a great number of SHS students are swifties and attended one of the 3 nights, they shared their experience at Swift’s concert.


Taylor Thomas, an IB sophomore, shares her amazing experience seeing Taylor Swift. “I was so excited to see her and she did not disappoint. I loved watching her openers too because they are kind of unknown and seeing them get excited to perform for a big crowd. All of Taylor’s costume changes were so amazing and she always took my breath away. Her voice was so mature and from her lost concert she has changed so much in the best way.” 


Another IB sophomore, Fiona Pando, also shared her time with Taylor. “She was so pretty and I had really good seats so  I could see her without the jumbotron. I really enjoyed her singing and all of her outfits because she is just so talented.”



Overall, Swift’s amazing performance this weekend left everyone amazed and wanting more and Seminole students hope to see her again in the near future for yet another enchanting evening.