Gwyneth Katker

Uber has become one of the top modes of transportation, but safety of people has become a big concern.

Julio Roman, Reporter

Uber Technologies, Inc., commonly referred to as Uber, is a company known for safe transportation services. However, as of recently, issues have arisen with safety of both drivers and passengers. Because of this, Uber has implemented new safety measures to ensure a safe ride for everyone.

Uber has been cracking down on many different types of offenses in their rides. For example, many of the drivers have been ensuring that everyone who is under the age of 18 is accompanied by an adult; otherwise, they can not accept the ride. This rule has recently been more enforced due to the surfacing of more incidents regarding minors. One included a 12-year-old girl who rode unaccompanied by an adult, and ended up committing suicide shortly after the ride. Another feature added into Uber’s app allows drivers or passengers to cancel the ride when necessary. For example, if the passenger is misbehaving or doing anything that the driver does not approve of, drivers can cancel the ride and refund the money. This can also be used in defense of the passenger, as it can help them if they find the driver suspicious and feel uncomfortable.

“One of my rides canceled on me because I was only 15 and I get that it’s for safety and I told the driver that it was okay, but I felt annoyed because of it since I had to get another ride from my friend since I couldn’t get another ride,” said sophomore Zahra Nargis.

Also, the app offers a feature to report drivers of anything that may not be lawful or safe for the passenger. According to WashingtonPost, Uber has implemented a selfie system into their app, making the drivers blink, smile, and turn their faces to make sure that the driver is who they say they are. This feature is important in ensuring that passengers are aware of who their actual driver is and that there is no fraud being committed on their behalf. Uber also has included a review and report system, allowing riders and drivers to report anything that happens on the ride. With their reviews, other passengers can read what the driver is like and what to expect from them and the ride. 

“When I rode with Uber for one of the only times, I knew exactly what car the person was in and also what they looked like. All of the things provided by Uber were perfect in my opinion and I felt like I really knew who was driving me,” said senior Jahnae Edwards.

Many events pushed Uber to format these changes. . For example, in the past year, Uber has had 3,045 sexual assaults reported on rides. With these very high number of problems reported, there have been many efforts made to improve their safety such as  “dash cams” to protect their employees and passengers from anything that may happen in the time of the ride. Along with dash cams and sexual assaults, there have been 9 murders in Uber alone.

Uber has been making many efforts to ensure all passengers and drivers are as safe as possible on any rides that are provided. Even with the past incidents on their rides, they are constantly working to improve safety for rides and ensure everything goes as planned.