Unexpected Death of Alex Trebeck: What’s next for Jeopardy?


Ashley Dang

Watching Jeopardy will certainly not feel the same without Alex Tribek, who was Jeopardy’s longtime host. Americans are saddened as the legendary host leaves behind one of the most memorable shows.

Ava Flaute, Designer

After hosting 36 years of one of America’s favorite shows Jeopardy, Alex Trebeck dies after his battle with pancreatic cancer at 80 years old. Trebeck was originally from Greater Sudbury, Canada. He was a role model for many Americans who relaxed in front of their television on weekdays to watch him host Jeopardy. Jeopardy all started when the original version aired in 1964, since then there have been many different versions of the show including “The All-New Jeopardy.” Jeopardy was originally called “What’s the question?” NBC felt that it was a dull title and it needed more jeopardies, this is how the title of the show came to be. 

Alex Trebeck became the host in 1984 and has become known as an iconic and enduring figure and a bright personality on and off the screen. Trebeck was able to grab the audience’s attention and engage them in his delivery of “answers and questions.” Trebeck was portrayed as a steady host and a no-nonsense presence. He announced his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis on March 6, 2019. During a few airing’s, Trebeck would say that sometimes his pain skyrocketed from zero to eleven in a matter of seconds. Trebeck’s last day in the studio was on October 29, 2020, taping pre-recorded shows that would air throughout the months of November and December, with his last show being on Dec. 25.

Health Academy Sophomore Flordelee Pino states “It will be sad seeing the last episode he hosted on Christmas Day, I’m sure many will be watching and remembering his life.”

When he was last seen in the studio, the producers had worries about him. He passed a couple of days later. Trebeck and his wife were married for 29 years in hope that they would be able to spend more wonderful years together. He has two children named Emily Trebeck, and Matthew Trebeck. His children have been celebrating the life their father lived. Trebeck has majorly influenced and inspired many television game shows. The game show “Wheel of Fortune” aired on television a couple of years after Jeopardy and had a very similar layout as Jeopardy. 

On Monday, November 9th show, the producer, Mike Richards opened the show, sharing the loss of Trebeck saying “This is an enormous loss for our staff, crew, for his family, for his millions of fans. He loved this show and everything it stood for.” Closing the first episode after the loss of Trebeck, a message flashed across the screen that said “Dedicated to Alex Trebeck. Forever in our Hearts. Always our Inspiration.” A major problem facing the death of Trebeck is who is going to replace him and if he can even be replaced. 

Seminole High School Health Academy Sophomore Allyson Anderson states “Alex Trebeck was truly an amazing television personality on Jeopardy! I’m sure he meant so much to so many people across the United States. I’m not sure who could ever fill his place and take on such a huge role.”

 Many are worried that the show won’t be the same with a different host. Rumors have said either George Stephanopoulos, Betty White, Alex Faust, or Ken Jennings will take the role as the host of Jeopardy. Before Trebeck’s passing, he did not express any interest in naming a candidate that would take over the show. Trebeck’s passing has weighed heavily on many Americans throughout the country and even all over the world. He will forever live throughout our hearts and will be missed greatly.