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Months of preparation went into the making of Seminole High School’s 2016 prom.

Malavika Kannan, Reporter

Seminole High School was haunted all year by the suspense of what their prom theme would be. In February, the theme was revealed to be “A Phantom Affair,” based on the Phantom of the Opera, after a week of clues. However, unknown to many students, a great deal of planning on the part of Junior Class Council (JCC) went on behind the curtains to prepare for one of the most anticipated nights of high school.

Clues were announced throughout the last the week of February, adding to the suspense before the prom theme was revealed. These included a rose, a Snapchat ghost and a mask, referencing important items in the Phantom of the Opera.

“We chose these clues because they told the story well. Most people guessed [the theme] by the third day,” says JCC member Dexter Bell.

Initially, the idea started out as a simple masquerade, but it soon evolved into something more distinct than the traditional Mardi Gras theme.

“[T]he JCC members decided that Phantom of the Opera would be a classier way to incorporate the same ideas,” says co-sponsor Leah Gentry.

According to Gentry, the prom theme will be reflected in every aspect of the event; the JCC watched the Phantom of the Opera film for inspiration. The main colors of the event, true to Phantom of the Opera, were black, red and silver. Details such as the food, dinner music, decor and invitations were also inspired by the theme; those attending could choose from a selection of vegetarian, fish or chicken dinners served with an array of salads, breads and desserts.

“This theme is very elegant, and most people have seen or at least heard of the Phantom of the Opera,” says Bell.

Choosing the prom theme has been a tradition of many years in JCC. Each year, the rising seniors leave several prom themes for the next year of JCC members to research and choose from.

Because JCC members work so hard on fundraising and planning for prom throughout their junior year, we reward them with the ability to provide input about the following year’s theme,” says Gentry.

The Phantom of the Opera was not the only popular choice among the JCC.  Although JCC likes to keep these a secret, since they are often considered for future years, Hollywood and Caribbean have been possible themes for the past proms.

“We chose the Phantom of the Opera because it’s a true classic, not just a passing fad,” says member Grant Williams.

Prom was held on April 23rd at the Gaylord Palms. The prom king and queen were announced as Daravious Perkins and Hah’mari Watson.

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