Isabel Gomez

There are so many volunteering opportunities that students can find that will help our community. Many students are already required to participate in numerous volunteer opportunities and get them signed. For many high school students, this causes anxiety, because not many people know where they can volunteer and receive a good amount of hours, especially if they are aiming for bright futures. Bright futures volunteer service requirements can range from 75 hours to 100 hours, so having a reliable and continuous method of hours is vital for many students. 

Here at Seminole High School, we have many clubs whose main priority and goal are to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities. Clubs like the National Honors Society or Key club, both provide their fellow members with an assortment of volunteer opportunities. Some volunteer opportunities that the National Honors Society provides frequently are tutoring for younger students at the Jeff Triplet Center. Here, you can have one on one time with students ranging from 5 to 12, and assist them with homework that they may find tricky. Other volunteer opportunities can be more seasonal, for example, this past Halloween, the National Honors Society provided opportunities like a Truck or Treat where their club members would decorate their car for Halloween and give candy to kids trick or treating at an elementary school. Let’s see some of our own fellow Nole’s volunteering opportunities and their own experiences. 

One fellow Nole I spoke to explained her own experiences and opportunities she participated in. Health Academy Junior Hana Hassan, explains that “I have volunteered at “Feeding Children Everywhere” and at this volunteer program, you get to create meal packages in an assembly line, that will distribute around the world to people that have little to no access to food. overall, I really enjoy this volunteer service, and it gives back to those who need it which allows me to give a little good in a world of chaos.”

Another fellow Nole, Health Academy Junior Kiley Delgado says “Some volunteer opportunities that I partake in are volunteering for clubs such as National Honor Society, and Key Club. Such volunteer activities can include participating in donations for food drives, making cards for the elderly, creating toys for animals in shelters, and donating resources to pet shelters in the county. I also volunteer in my community by helping teachers at the school. If they need assistance in setting up a lab or gathering materials, I’d stay at school and help them. Volunteering helps the community by being unified, and to come together to help one another in need. Thus, this is why I devote my time to others for my community.”

Another Seminole Nole I spoke to, Health Academy Junior Fiona Luzano says, “I do multiple volunteer opportunities. One of the main ones that I go to every week is KUMON. It’s a tutoring place for kids. I mainly grade papers but recently I get to sit with younger kids and help them do their math and reading assignments that we assign to them. My other volunteer opportunities this year come from the NHS. The things I’ve done are mostly handing out food to other people.”

And finally, fellow Seminole Nole, Health Academy Junior Hannah Shapiro says, “In the National Honor Society, there are many different volunteer opportunities such as volunteering with Pet Rescue by Judy. This two-day event was at Lake Eola’s Fiesta in the Park and Pet Rescue by Judy needed NHS members to help out taking care of the puppies and getting them adopted. Another organization that the NHS volunteered with was Hearts, Hands, and Hope. Here, volunteers assisted with distributing food to families in need.”

As you see there are so many different places to volunteer. So, find places you enjoy and feel that contribute positively to society. Have fun and enjoy your time and service.