Teachers spend a few days after school ends working to put in grades for their students.

Bobbi Zahn, Staff Reporter

Every student waits for school to end and for summer to begin. But wait. What on earth do teachers do during this time? Prepare plans for their next school year? Go on crazy vacations? Stay home and take care of their families? It seems as though they do just that! They’re off for a good portion of summer vacation, so how do they spend it?

Mr. Robert Ash likes to spice things up and said, “When not traveling and camping in the mountains, I am usually doing something related to family history research. […] For several years now, I have traveled with my girlfriend, whom also does family history research.”

Not everyone travels to different places to find out where their ancestors were from, but traveling to new places and spending money seems to be a must for some vacationers. With the Florida beaches packed with newcomers, it might seem wise to travel out of state until the hype dies down.

Mrs. Jessica Freeman said, “I’m heading to Austin, Texas this summer. My daughter and I are going to explore the city and probably do a lot of shopping, I’m sure.”

What person on vacation doesn’t want to travel and shop all in one? Some prefer to explore and plan ahead for the next school year. Much like how some students utilize their break to get ahead of school, via FLVS or Dual Enrollment.

Mr. Nickolas Pavgouzas said, “I like to travel to new places […] this summer I plan to go to Miami to see a college friend; Savannah, GA and Williamsburg, Va.” Once he travels though, he plans on buckling down and improving his teaching skills for the next year. “I also plan to grow as a teacher through […] professional development and graduate coursework.”

Teachers utilize their summer to take a break from their lives and enjoy their time off of work. Much like how students use their summer to take a break from school. Each teacher might spend their summer differently, but their breaks aren’t that much different from students’. This is a time to relax and recharge before school starts in August!