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Paige Fry

The posters are up! You don’t want to miss who Miss Seminole High School 2013 is.

Bobbi Zahn, Staff Reporter

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Every year Seminole High School hosts the Miss SHS pageant. Hopeful junior and senior ladies can participate to win $750 for the overall winner and $250 for the essay and talent winner. Every lady ‘Nole is encouraged to participate and represent their club.

Senior Arley Ruskin, Miss SHS 2012, said, “By participating in this pageant, [she] was able to gain a better sense of confidence, make great friends, and prepare for college. Before getting ready for the pageant, [she] was hesitant and nervous. All of the other girls were such worthy competition […] knowing that the audience is rooting for you is an empowering feeling, so the competition increased [her] self-esteem.”

The Miss SHS pageant winner not only receives $750 but scholarship opportunities for college: this pageant prepares these young ladies with college offers, money, and a fantastic experience.

The competition can be fierce though, because so many ladies at Seminole High School are worthy of this position.

Ms. Renee Mills, who is in charge of Miss SHS,  said, “The Miss SHS pageant requires intelligent young ladies that are well rounded. The essay requirement of each candidate exposes the depth of character as each lady maintains high GPAs in rigorous programs.”

The pageant also includes unbiased and professional judges that judge each lady on their pageant performance and talent to see who deserves first place.

“I supported Arley (last year’s winner) last year and really enjoyed the show. It looked like it would be a great experience so I decided to apply,” said junior Melissa Vargas-Ramirez, who is a hopeful contestant for this year’s Miss SHS.

The deadline for applications has been cut off, but make sure to view all of the talented ladies of Seminole High School as they participate in this pageant!