Winter in the Sunshine State

Addison Frisch, Guest Writer

When most people are asked to picture the holiday season, the first thought that always comes to mind is the snow. Snowmen, snowflakes, snowball fights, snow angels- even the vision of waking up to soft, falling snow on Christmas morning. Who can blame them though? Snow and ice are just naturally a part of the winter season, after all. 

    When spending this time of year in the state of Florida, however, there would hardly be any trace of snow or winter weather, for the climate is almost always the same; relatively warm, and temperatures of around 70 to 80 degrees. 

     This could appeal to some as an unpleasant thing, especially for those who live in the sunshine state and wish for the white winter snow. However, not being in the cold does not necessarily mean a boring season. Just as there are special things to do in the snow, with Florida comes a number of special things to do for the holidays in a tropical climate!


    Florida’s beaches are just one prime example of why so many tourists visit here, especially during this time of year. While most states in the winter are too chilly for swimming or sun-bathing, the temperature in Florida is perfectly suitable for holiday of fun in the sun. 

     Especially in bustling places like Key West, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, holiday festivals there are promised to be “uniquely memorable” waterside experiences. (NikkyJ, 2022)  Festive parties are often held at the coast, where guests can enjoy the sea breeze and take in the sights of colorful holiday lights, all in the same place. They can enjoy a cool summer popsicle, or a sip of hot cocoa, or both! In Florida, tourists and residents get the best of both their winter and summer worlds. 

    Take Cocoa Beach’s “Surfing Santas” event, for example. People travel from all over the world to celebrate Christmas in the “most Florida way possible” by catching a wave as Santa Claus! (Victoria & Terrance, 2021)


    The sunshine state also happens to be widely known for its abundance of theme parks- and during the holiday season, their celebrations never disappoint. Places like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and LEGOLand are all known to go big when it comes to festivities, and guests of all ages are welcome to join in for the fun. 

    Tourists don’t even need a ticket to participate in certain theme park experiences. Take Walt Disney World, for example. Without going into the park, tourists can still enjoy the holiday season in Disney Springs, where shops, restaurants, and special shows await. Amy, a Florida travel bloggist, has recommended touring the Magic Kingdom and Epcot resorts for their “beautifully decorated” Christmas scenery. (Amy, 2022) These exciting events are only available at the Florida theme parks, and many tourists would agree that these parks are a wonderful place to spend the holiday season at. 


    In Florida, snow and ice do not necessarily equal a fun holiday, as there are various ways for both tourists and residents to enjoy the winter season without the cold! In a state where summer weather is present all year round, people can still make wonderful winter memories and experience holiday fun that will last a lifetime.