Working out for Women

Janene Dent, Guest Writer

An important part of fitness is making it enjoyable. Everyone loves different things, but no one will know what they really love unless they explore while keeping an open mind. Don’t stop after finding one interest, keep reaching out to new activities and do something different each day to help make exercising more enjoyable. This will help with motivation to put in the work and in due course will bring greater results.


   Having an enjoyable way of exercising is a more uplifting way of living. Studies support the happier a person is the healthier they can be. This is one of many reasons self care is so important. To really improve mentally and physically a person will need to find a “sense of balance between inner and outer beauty.” (2022, KCC). Make the time and put in the effort to fulfill the goal of becoming the best version of oneself, with self care and powerful positive motivation. 


    To reach goals does not take hours of working out each day, but consistent productive movement is what makes a difference.  To work in the best way possible, do the workouts that make the biggest difference “not all exercises are created equal.” (2022, DerSarkissian). Exercises such as walking, jogging and running are great calorie burning exercises and extremely good for the body’s cardiovascular health. The heart is the most important part of the body, keeping it healthy will  help with living a long and enjoyable life. Another great thing about these exercises is, they can be done at any time and anywhere. Much like, jumping jacks, jump roping, and burpees, they are good cardio exercises that can be beneficial to the whole body. 


Cardio workouts are particularly beneficial for women. They amazingly help with mood swings and mental health. Some women feel that during their menstrual cycle there is no way of helping their mental state, but many studies support the opposite. Exercising “counters hormonally-triggered mood swings by releasing endorphins” (2022, Sutter Health). Endorphins help regulate moods and help the brain stay upright and focused . This is called the “runner’s high”, endorphins can also leave a person feeling exceedingly jovial and relaxed after a workout. 


    Certain features about the female body are more difficult to work on than others. The privilege of having the ability to develop a baby comes with struggles. The body is constantly working to be able to develop a child, by building up tissue and fat to prepare. This is why it is a lot harder for many women to burn off fat and build muscle. Exercises such as leg lifts, Side planks, abdominal crunches and side-to-side hip dip planks are great workouts for women. These workouts strengthen the core, hips and legs. With the correct form, these exercises are very impactful. Exercising with correct form is vital when working out, Peterson says although crunches can be excellent, if they are not done correctly, “they can actually weaken the abdominals” (2022, DerSarkissian).


    Choosing to do these exercises with focus and correctness will have the greatest impact on the body. Exercising not only helps the body but also benefits the mind, and doing exercises that you enjoy the most are going to bring motivation and happiness. Exercising doesn’t mean just visiting the gym or doing repetitive movements. Playing a fun sport and running drills can be a fun and an effective way of exercise. Be appreciative of your body and give working out a try.