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Zainab Dewji

As the end of Ramadan — the month where Muslims refrain from eating from sunrise to sundown  approaches, so does the long awaited celebration that comes following it: Eid! 


There are two different types of Eid a year, but the one that occurs at the end of Ramadan has specifically been dubbed Eid al-Fitr. This occasion brings together families, communities, and muslims all around the world as they all join in celebrating the profound significance and happiness that comes from spending the month in religious reflection. 


At its core, Eid is a massive commemoration of spiritual faith, where all Muslims, after abstaining from food and becoming more in touch with their religious self, celebrate their tenacity during the month of Ramadan. Eid is a religious celebration, but it brings times of great happiness for everyone. 


“To me, Eid is when everyone can get together with their friends and family and appreciate everything you have and were given,” says Seminole High School senior Amal Ahmed. “One of my favorite parts of Eid is how it brings so many people together to enjoy our culture and religion. I also love getting ready for the prayer we have early in the morning, or the parties later at night: everyone dresses up in their best outfits, and we talk and enjoy each other’s company for hours.” 


Many religious leaders say that, following Ramadan, Eid is the time to party with your family and friends. You are, in fact, encouraged to eat as much as you can, to enjoy your time late into the night, and to, above all else, have fun. Every family celebrates Eid a little differently, each laying claim to their own little traditions. Of course, there are a few common ones, like going out to a specific breakfast after the early morning Eid prayer, or exchanging gifts with close friends. 


“My favorite tradition with my family is going to the mosque for Eid prayer,” comments Ahmed. “It is so much fun to dress up and meet everyone there — the mosque is always filled with people, and it can get cramped, but it’s still the best part of the whole day.” 


One of the biggest parties of Eid occurs the evening before: a vibrant affair by the name of Chaand Raat. Many people start sending out invitations for this party at the very start of the month, and there are always various festivities. For the women, the hosts will more often than not invite a henna artist to the venue, where many young girls will line up to get their henna done. Likewise, for all guests, the dinner table is set with all kinds of traditional cuisine.


“My mom threw a Chaand Raat party a few years ago, and even if it got really busy, everyone was having so much fun,” says an anonymous SHS junior. “Nothing can rival how much excitement can come from the week of Eid.” 


The day of Eid, similarly, is filled with parties such as: dinner parties, picnics, potlucks — the list goes on. Muslims of all ages are able to have fun and throw their worries to the winds for this day that only comes twice a year. 


This time of religious observance is more than just that: it brings about joy for everyone, and is highly anticipated amongst muslims all around the world. As soon as the crescent moon hangs above in the sky, muslims eagerly begin to welcome Eid. The enjoyable aspects of Eid are endless. From dressing up in stylish, traditional garb, to feasting from morning to night, it is equivalent to gratifying fulfillment. So, to all muslims, and any that celebrate the great day of Eid, we wish you a wonderful Eid Mubarak, and a blessed, amazing day of fun!

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