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Lily Yaus
Google Image: Grades Do Not Motivate Academic Work Ethic – The Lion’s Roar

As the last few months of the school year come to an end, the anticipation of graduation rises for senior students — Senioritis. The condition is characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. For many seniors, this can result in poor attendance and grades. For students, meeting the 26 credits for courses are required for students to pass and walk on stage. Failure to do so can result in summer school, and receiving their high school diploma through mail. The importance of keeping up grades is an important factor. 


At Seminole High School, senior students are preparing for their last two months of the year. For some students, the days are filled with all 7 classes, others with limited classes made for the OJT (On the Job Training) where students record hours of work. With just limited time in the year, and college decisions coming to end, students are sprawling into managing their academic performances high. 


For many seniors, college is the next step into their education. College acceptance may allow students to step in, but failure to maintain grades can disqualify students from the large applicant pool. The feeling of acceptance can sometimes decrease motivation to continue working hard. Poor grades can result in failing a class, which can have serious consequences in the last few months of high school. Seminole High School has recently sent out notices to students and parents regarding the consequences of failing a class. According to the Student Progression Plan for 2023-2024, consisting of 79 pages of rules and regulations for students and parents to follow, seniors who fail a course in the second semester may be able to recover credit through specific procedures. However, this only applies to their ability to graduate and does not excuse the importance of maintaining good grades in all courses.


For many seniors, the last few months have pushed them more than ever. 


Morganne Young, SHS senior, states: “Even though senioritis is very real, learning for the sake of my interests in what I want to pursue has pushed me to achieve good grades throughout the year.” Grades are great examples of working hard to achieve the goals and satisfactory for student’s cases of graduation, where students can pursue bigger things. “I’m really looking forward to college, so setting myself up for success and maintaining my work ethic is crucial.” 


Peyton Patrick, SHS senior, states: “In order to maintain good grades I make sure to write down all of my work into my own planner. Organizing work and notes can be hard to keep track, but doing so can help perform better during the school day. Getting good grades is important to me, especially with graduation coming up. I want to make sure I have the best grades possible in order to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.” 


However, it is important to remember that grades are not the only measure of a student’s success. In fact, focusing solely on grades can lead to a narrow and limited view of a student’s abilities and potential. It is important for students to set their own goals and strive for personal growth and improvement.


There are many ways to help reduce this lack of motivation to do work and show up. The solution, looking at the great outcomes that come after hard work over the course of 4 years. As well as the great achievement of going into the colleges you’ve always dreamed of or even the job or position in the military branches you are eager to start. New things are coming and keeping grades up to standard are the best ways to do so. 


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