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Lily Yaus

On April 13th, the long awaited day of Prom has arrived. This special occasion marks the end of the school year and is a chance for students to dress up, dance the night away, and create memories that will last a lifetime like a night in vegas. 


Prom night at Seminole High School is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Students eagerly wait for their junior and senior years to attend this glamorous event. At Universal Studios HardRock, students are opened to the transformed magical setting, with beautiful decorations, upstairs view of the city walk and photo spots for students to capture their prom memories. The excitement and anticipation leading up to prom night has been promoted throughout the school, with students discussing their dates, dresses, and plans for the evening.


The school administration and workers at hard rock have worked tirelessly together to ensure that prom night is a safe and enjoyable experience for all students. Including: coordinated plans for students entrance and exit plans, decorations, music, and food to offer to students throughout the night.


On the night of prom, students arrive in their finest attire, with the girls wearing elegant dresses and the boys wearing their sharpest suits. The building is transformed into a dance floor, with tables set up alongside the area for students to see as they enter the venue. They are greeted with other fellow students and participate in fun games. The atmosphere is bright, and students can’t wait to start dancing and having fun.


Arleen Almaraz, SHS senior, states: “My favorite moment of the night is when me and my friends requested a song and it got played after waiting forever.” Like a few student’s recommendations were selectively chosen, regardless students still made it fun on the dance floor. “I feel it was a very fun night, with lively decorations, energy, and executed perfectly.” 


One of the highlights of prom night at Seminole High School is the crowning of the prom king and queen. This tradition recognizes two students who have been voted by their peers and teachers. After the high anticipation the winners were announced: Alondra Domenech as queen and Dallas Hudson as king both held crowns above their heads. Along with a dedicated recognition to the other candidates in line for prom court. 


Julianna Savitz, SHS senior, states: “My favorite moment about prom was watching this dude dressed as Elvis dance the night away”. Dressed up, Elvis wasn’t the only guy dancing, as student’s all around the dance floor made their way to the center. “Overall, the night was great, and I had a good time hanging with people and everyone looked great!”


Throughout the evening, students dance to a variety of music, from upbeat and energetic tunes to romantic music. The dance floor was packed, with students showing off their best moves and having a great time with their friends. Food and condiments were offered to students to select from in the night, and tables for students to take a break from the dance floor and enjoy an appetite. 

As the night comes to an end, students make their ways through the doors. Girls with heels on their side, and last minute photos outside of the entrance before they make their goodbyes. It is safe to say the Prom Night of 2024, created not only was a successful night but also memorable. As photos posted all over social media platforms like Instagram, where student’s showed off their group and solo prom photos before the big night. As the senior classes approach their last few months the night of prom will tie a bow on their year at Seminole.  


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