Sam Brenner, Contextual Editor

The Food Network announced on March 23, 2012 that it had selected “from all of the best in the world of scholastic food prep” a member of Seminole County Food Services to compete on a new reality competition show. 

Ms. Julia Pinkerton, a seven-year veteran of Seminole High’s lunch lines, is poised to represent the school on the new Food Network competition show Lunch Lady Luchadoras, where she’ll take on master servers and cooks from a host of other schools around the country.

Principal Mike Gaudreau expressed his excitement over the new show and Seminole’s delegate.  “I’m just ecstatic.  I’ve known all along that we carry on a tradition of excellence here at Seminole and focus on achieving success in every arena.  We’re sure that Ms. Pinkerton will continue that tradition of excellence as we see her off for the filming of her first episode.  We know from experience that she’ll do a great job of representing our school in front of the entire nation.”

Co-worker and supervisor Mrs. Alberta Maldanado knew that Ms. Pinkerton was the right choice for the show, she said.  “Her positive and upbeat attitude in the stressful school kitchen will do her well on TV.  [Ms. Pinkerton] has always kept a cool head in the face of the tight deadlines we keep.  Most students don’t know about the work that goes into creating their lunches.  Ms. Pinkerton has done a great job of ensuring that we feed our children well, and will do us all proud showing us what she does best.”