Sam Brenner

Sam Brenner, Editor-in-Chief

in which Sam becomes an old, curmudgeonly veteran of the editing world

It’s open; come in. Yes, you! Do you see anyone else here? Hrmph. Please, do come in; I don’t often get visitors in this imaginary office of mine. A reporter for Seminole’s newspaper, you say? What? You changed the name? Bah! In my day, we were just The Seminole, plain and simple. Hrmph. Oh, don’t just stand there! Have a seat—it’s no extra charge.

So, you want to talk about how the newspaper used to—hey! Put down that auto-transcriber for once! Learn to use a pen! There’s one big difference: back when we took down a quote, we’d be racing so fast to write it all that our handwriting would be so bad that we’d make it up in the end! Tsk tsk. Kids these days—all so lazy. In my day, we did our slacking off on Facebook. Boy, how that train wreck crashed.

Anyway, you want to know about how it was to be editor in chief? Well, boy, was I excited to start! We had so many great changes planned for that year, with a staff bigger than ever before. Yes, there were so many new features we were excited about: starting A Day in the Life, bringing back ‘Nole Nose, and doing more reviews than ever before. There was so much we thought we’d be able to bring the rest of the school.

How’d we have time for all that? Good question, especially because we still had to do all our own typing and layouts by hand. Facebook was only for looking at other people’s faces, not for reading your facial gestures to determine your every thought! Still, just like you all do, we stayed busy! Kept us off the streets, unlike you hooligans nowadays. Hrmph! Yessir, I spent my time tinkering with old electronics in my room—well, they were new back then—and preparing for academic competition, of course! Those were the days, when we didn’t have no inter-webs stuck in our heads. Still had to remember things, we did! Hrmph.

Well, best of luck with whatever you’re calling the old rag nowadays!

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June 9, 2012


June 9, 2012


August 15, 2011
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