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Lily Schuler

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that most people either look forward to or dread. It is a celebration of love, which people can either celebrate with friends, a lover, or themselves. This February 14th happens to fall on Wednesday, a school day. This makes it a little tricky for couples to be able to plan for this special occasion, however the following weekend is a three day weekend giving couples plenty of time to celebrate. 


One way couples are celebrating is by going out! Sophomore couple, Izak Harrelson and Bella, are planning to picnic in the park. Harrelson says: “I made Bella a big basket full of her favorite snacks, drinks, stuffed animals, hello kitty accessories, real flowers, and lego flowers. We’re going to go to a grassy park and have a picnic. I will have lots of things to say, which I will have written down as a love letter to her. Then we will go home and make her favorite dinner and make a pillow fort to watch a movie. I hope to do this on Valentines Day, but if not we can try the weekend.” 


Going out to dinner is another cute way for couples to hang out on Valentine’s Day! Sophomore, Dalrni Brisoe, and her boyfriend are going “out on a date to Tijuana Flats, my favorite restaurant,” says Brisoe. “After that we’re going to chill and maybe go to a park and walk around holding hands.” A freshmen couple, Marilu Cook and Samuel Din, plan to “go to eat at Raising Cane’s because we really want to try it, then go to Disney Springs to shop, and then get matching legos.” says Cook. Building legos together seems to be a popular activity for couples on Valentine’s Day. 


Another sophomore couple, Brooklyn Camphot and Gia Meyers, are going to “buy each other cookies for a small thing to display a big act of love. To celebrate Valentine’s day, we are going to Magnolias on Friday, which is a play at theater west,” says the couple. Although couples buy each other gifts as an act of love, that isn’t the only way! Quality time and actions show equally how much a person loves someone.  


A classic date that has been around for decades has been going to the movies. A rom-com doesn’t have to be the one to see either; whatever is entertaining for both of the couples is a perfect date idea! Senior, Sa’miya Jackson and her boyfriend are “going to see the new Bob Marley movie that just came out. I don’t know what else is planned, and we are just going to go with the flow after that.” she says. They both have planned gifts out for each other and it is going to be a surprise for both of them!


Some couples are able to celebrate Valentine’s day at school too! The holiday is not all about going out on dates, it’s about expressing love and appreciation. Like sophomore couple, Arianna Blandon and her boyfriend “hung out in the morning holding hands and talking. It was a nice and special moment. Then at lunch, we had a double date and exchanged gifts with each other.”


So with that, love was in the air at Seminole High School! Many students were seen walking around with gifts and wearing Valentine colors, like pink and red. Valentine’s day is a holiday everyone can celebrate! Just because you don’t have a significant other like these couples, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the same activities! Make sure to have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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