Alex Torres

Alex Torres, Reporter

Soooo…Who am I? I am a neurology-rock-climbing-nanotech. enthusiast! Say what? Yes, I have a super deep interest in neurology. My interest in it has given me an opportunity to research at UCF’s Medical School Laboratory. Besides staying enclosed in my home reading books and articles on neurology and nanotechnology, I go rock climbing indoors. Rock climbing is stress relieving for me at least. Unfortunately, though, the Florida flatland doesn’t have outdoor climbing areas, so I go to Colorado and Puerto Rico during school breaks to do some real outdoor climbing. Along with the weird combination of neurology and climbing, I am left-handed. That pretty much describes who I am and everything I do.


Soooo…If you are interested in science, informative news, or high school opportunities, or just me, read my articles on The Seminole Newspaper.

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