Norbert Savard

Norbert Savard, Reporter

Yo soy Norbert Savard. Spanish is not my favorite. I can’t speak it to save my life. I would rather just go and play baseball. I’m an IB junior which means that I will die inside several times this year. So if there are cute girls who will let me cry on their shoulders I would really appreciate that. I’m a writer for the newspaper but I also like to write stories and poems. Also people say I am an amazing texter when it comes to girls. I’ve been told before that I’m very attractive and very caring and I’m sure many girls will agree with that. Playing baseball gets me all the girls. I won’t just hit you a double, I will hit you a homerun. I will hit any curveball that life throws at me, so when I get rejected there is always another pitch (girl) coming. I won’t strike out when playing in the field of love. I won’t do you wrong just like how I don’t make any errors. Even though I don’t have a lot of time there will always be time for you. I don’t go Dutch because I’m French and my pile of money is as tall as the Eiffel tower (no its not). Now to get serious, I am a prestigious, intelligent, and handsome man (More or less). I play baseball for the school team and I’m okay (who am I kidding I’m the best). I like reading and listening to music and watching movies. If you don’t like Harry Potter, Disney or Percy Jackson don’t even try me. If you want to hit me up come find me around school or on the baseball field.

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