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This outstanding English and Journalism teacher we all know and love, who in addition advises our school paper– Mrs Casale. She has been teaching and working with children for over 15 years, and so much of our love for literature has spurred from her passion for teaching and talented English knowledge. Mrs. Casale is a passionate and inspiring instructor, and has helped countless children discover what they love. 


Mrs. Casale started her teaching journey here at Seminole High School around 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic. Her hard work is displayed prevalently through not only her skills and effort that she puts into her teaching, but also her love for her students and her ability to connect with them on a different, more personal level. Junior at Seminole High School, Abra Stalker, says “Mrs. Casale is a very real and caring teacher, who gives her students tough love. As someone who teaches seniors, she makes it known to show how the real world will treat you. Mrs. Casale has taught me the importance of speaking up for yourself and getting out of the comfort zone. Overall, she has pushed me to be a better photographer and better person as a whole.” The impact of Mrs. Casale on her students is more redeemable than I think she is even aware of. 


Alongside Mrs. Casale being a long time teacher and mentor, she is also a very talented writer herself. She teaches us her renowned writing tactics in order to help us better ourselves and our writing. Many students among the years have learned a lot from her, within our academic work and our personal standings. Senior at Seminole High School, Ahnaf Chowdhury, talks about how “She is a very firm but also very sweet person. Her criticism is always constructive, and as blunt as she can be at times, her understanding is always genuine and helpful. I chose Mrs. Casale as my honor grad educator, because she has taught me better time management alongside how to work on a team and be successful in all my ventures.” We can see in more ways than one how Mrs. Casale helps her students and brings their confidence and work to a more specific, better refined result. 


Overall, Mrs. Casale is arguably one of the most influential teachers we have been lucky to have on the Seminole High School campus. The love and appreciation all of her students have for her and her aid throughout each individual’s experience is unmatchable. Her genuinity and desire to help her students improve their writing shines through her tough love and constructive criticism. She helps her students, and also fellow teachers, learn the best ways to refine their work and their teachings. Writing is a long-term, extensively used skill in everyone’s life for almost the entirety of it. Mrs. Casale’s renowned talent and knack for writing and journalism is undeniably appreciated and spotlighted by many. 


Thank you to Mrs. Casale for everything you do! The hard work displayed and effort you put into helping and improving the people around you is incomparable to so many teachers around the nation, and we as students are more than grateful to have you as a teacher, mentor, and advisor. You truly do care about not only how we are, but also about the work we put out in the world. You’ve taught so many about how journalistic work can be a reflection of us and our interests or skills. Writing is one of the most malleable outlets for creativity, and your teaching has had a monumental impact on bringing awareness and light to that idea. We love you!

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