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Lily Yaus

The holiday of Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is celebrated all over the country and at Seminole High School by many students. In celebration of Easter, family get-togethers are held, egg hunting for the big golden egg, and photos with the Easter bunny. So how did these fun activities and long eared short tail creatures come to symbolize the widely celebrated holiday?


This joyous holiday is celebrated not only by Christians, but also by many people around the world. The Easter bunny, a symbol of new life and fertility, has become a beloved part of this holiday. Its origins can be traced back to German immigrants who brought over the tradition of an egg-laying hare known as “Osterhase.” This tradition has evolved over the years to become a symbol of unity and joy as families and communities come together to celebrate Easter. Despite having no direct connection to the religious meaning of the holiday, the Easter bunny brings happiness and brings people together, making it an important part of Easter celebrations.


While family gatherings and traditional foods are often associated with the holiday season, there are many different ways that people celebrate and enjoy this time of year. In some countries, like New Zealand, unique dishes such as “Hot Cross Buns” and babka are popular and add to the culinary diversity of the season. While some may prefer the traditional ham, eggs, and treats, others may embrace these different traditions and incorporate them into their own holiday celebrations.


Along with the tradition of bringing family together on Easter by bringing delicious foods to share with family, students also enjoy the sense of community and bonding that comes with preparing and enjoying these meals together. 


Briseida Montelongo, SHS Junior, states: “I celebrate Easter by going to brunch with my whole family, and we love getting together and bringing our own food/dishes for everyone to try.” Montelongo continues: “I believe the value of Easter brings families together. My sisters and I always match colors for our Easter brunch. One year, we did blue, and we’ve also done purple. It’s just a random tradition we started.” Montelongo believes the true value of Easter is shared by spending time with her family and coming together. 


For others, the days are filled with lively activities. The infamous Easter Hunt, a tradition started in the 16th century, when Protestant Martin Luther King organized egg hunts for his congressman. This brought  fun festivity to families all over the world to find the hidden treasures, and best of all the golden egg with treats. Along with the hunt, creative activities such as decorating eggs, painting, trivia, and more. 


An anonymous SHS senior states: “During the time of Easter, my family and I enjoy the time of going to church to celebrate God. After church, typically my siblings and I will do fun activities like going on Easter egg hunts, family games like Heads Up that drive our family crazy.” Like many families, games and events are some of the best ways to come together. “I think it’s an important day to hang out with family and friends to celebrate.”


Overall, the bringing of traditions and religion play a significant role in bringing together families and the community. From the practice of Lenten consisting of fasting and praying, to egg hunts and laughter. There are endless ways to celebrate the holiday regardless of religion and activities observances. The most important part of the day is cherishing the memories held by others. As we continue to celebrate the traditions, we may continue to spread the loving traditions while creating new experiences for future generations. 


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